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Ihave just seen a photo of myslef and i feel ashamed and in need of a friend.

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TitsalinaBumsquash · 10/05/2009 20:13

I am the type of person who has always been big.

I had some photos taken of me in Nov and they looked ok. I saw a photo that was taken today and it has pretty much smacked my in the face.
I am a mess, i am actually disgucsted at myself. I am aware i eat like a bloody pig and yet i have still let it get to this stage.

I have jsut been for a long jog/power walk to stamp all my frustration at myself out and i am going to rejoin Slimming World on Tuesday at our local group.

I have had a long chat with DP who has promised to support me this time rather than trying to tempt me with pizza.

I just really need a friend to be there to drive me on when i really don't want to do it anymore and someone who knows how it feels.

I have said it 100 times before but i need to loose this wieght, i hate myself and if im honest my relationship with dp is suffering becuase i can't stand the thought of myself naked or him touching me becuase i ama blob.

Thats it really, just needed to get that out there.

If anyone would like to be my friend and support me via mumsnet/email i would be greatfull.

OP posts:
Sidge · 10/05/2009 20:47

I'm sorry you are so unhappy with yourself

Doing more exercise is a great way of losing weight, toning up and feeling better. Joining SW will hopefully give you the group encouragement, and MN will top that up daily I'm sure!

Good luck; feel free to CAT me if you want to chat or I'll keep an eye on this thread

ConnieComplaint · 10/05/2009 22:31

I'm willing to help you.

I recognise myself in you.

I don't have CAT but will post an email address for you... [email protected]

Please email me.

I will support you as best as I can. I follow the slimming world plan, there's a thread on here too, the lovely people on there would be more than willing to offer you as much support as you need

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