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Will I fit

4 replies

captainpeacock · 01/05/2009 18:20

Ok. I am going on holiday in the next few weeks. I am a size 22/24. Will I fit in the plane seats and will I have to ask for an extension to my seat belt? Help please.

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captainpeacock · 01/05/2009 20:25

Anyone know

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neversaydie · 02/05/2009 14:38

You should be fine. If you do struggle with the seat belt length, and they are very variable, just ask the stewardess as she does her cabin baggage locker check. They are always very discreet.

reducedfatkettlechip · 02/05/2009 14:45

Might be worth requesting an aisle seat so you're not squashed up by the window and can lift the arm rest if you need more breathing space. I find the window and middle seats really claustrophobic.

captainpeacock · 02/05/2009 15:12

Thank you, I am going with my dd who is a skinny little thing and certainly won't mind me encroaching on her space. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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