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What is the est way you have lost wiehgt and it hasn't piled back on again within a year?

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Ivykaty44 · 30/04/2009 19:01

I am just wondering if there is one particular way that it better than others for not just slimming down but keeping the weight of.

OP posts:
LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune · 30/04/2009 19:02

eat sensibly and healthily and do exercise.

ShowOfHandsNoLongerKissesKunes · 30/04/2009 19:04

What libra said. No diet, exercise 4 times a week, took up running in fact, ate healthily and didn't cut anything out. If I wanted a cake I jolly well had one, but it was a treat, not a staple.

Lost 2 stones.

You need to lose 1-2lbs a week for your body to sustain it.

MrsMattie · 30/04/2009 19:07


Lilliput · 30/04/2009 19:12

weightwatchers intially and exercise kept it off-lost 2 stone, lightest i've been since i was 16

Ivykaty44 · 30/04/2009 19:14

How long since you lost the two stone? - lilli?

OP posts:
Geepers · 30/04/2009 19:16

Gastric bypass. Dramatic optioon but did the trick.

MintyyAeroEgg · 30/04/2009 19:17

You need to get your body used to a different way of eating. Not dieting. I'd say a weight loss of 3 - 4lb per MONTH is possibly sustainable. If you did this you could lose 1.5 - 2 stone in six months. Its a lot when you think about it.

CoteDAzur · 30/04/2009 19:20

Heavy nightlife. Sleep little & eat little on weekends

Lilliput · 30/04/2009 19:22

3 years

Ivykaty44 · 30/04/2009 19:23

The weight loss amount per week or month must have some relevence to how over weight you are to start with though?

If you are eating 4000 calories a day and have 5 stone to lose your weight lose is going to be more than 1-2Ilb to start with - you would be dropping to 2000 calories a day which is the recommended amount, thus losing 14000 cals a week - that is 4Ilb (3500 cal = 1ILB)

If you had one stone to lose then it will be different

OP posts:
Ivykaty44 · 30/04/2009 19:24

thats really goo lilli

OP posts:
sarah293 · 30/04/2009 19:25

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