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Is anyone interested in my leftover Cambridge Diet bits?

3 replies

lunavix · 23/04/2009 14:55

I have sold my left over LL bits to another MNer, but have my leftover CD bits still, anyone interested?

OP posts:
flourybaps · 23/04/2009 16:54

Can i be nosy and ask why your selling them? Have you given up on the diet or are you a success story

Only want to know as Im on CD and we need bit of encouragement on our thread!

Ps I might be interested in your leftovers, what do you have?

lunavix · 23/04/2009 18:07

I have about a weeks supply, it's a mix of shakes and tetra shakes.

Not a CD success story sorry, I got on better with LL It was personal preference for the shakes though, nothing to do with the diet which is pretty much the same on both, I just prefered the sweetness of the LL ones!!!

OP posts:
Joolsiam · 11/05/2009 08:43


I might be interested too

Restarting today - I did well for 7 weeks and then fell pregnant so had to stop. Sadly had an early MC so am starting again - I have 2 weeks supply but keep putting off contacting my counsellor because I can't bear to tell her I've mc'ed again. I know it is stupid and I will get there, but it is too raw at the moment, so I could do with some buffer stock so I can keep going for longer before I have to go back.

What shakes do you have ? I actually don't like many of them - tend to live off porridge, soups and tetras !

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