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OMG - Disastrous first week on Slimming World, weigh in on Tueday

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Wolfblass · 12/04/2009 15:00

Hope you are having a fab easter.

Just feel like i need to confess to a disastrous first week.

Many contributions to such a bad start including the freezer (which was full of meat from the butchers) packing in on Wednesday and trying to get the hang of the Extra Easy plan with what we had in until i did another shop. Then a few rubbish meals out, one on Friday which arrived 2 hours after being ordered on Dirty plates so was sent back and we ended up having takeaway pizza at home with wine (wine i had planned to use my sys for).

Then another meal on the way home from York on Friday but nothing on the menu i could have was 'available' 9 i knew this place did things i could have but amazingly they ran out of Salmon, Steak etc) so i ended up having a pasta with a slightly creamy sauce and naughtily ate the garlic bread.

Last night my mother in law popped around with yet more wine and a surprise Indian so we didn't have to cook (nice gesture- and i felt like i couldn't refuse it), especially as she was coming around to see the children BUT then i thought it was a good idea to eat 6 milk tray chocolates.

After such a good start too, and even though i'm sticking to the plan today and tomorrow i know it's been a really awful start.

I'm still going to group on Tuesday and will be starting fresh even more determined now, so really need a kick up the backside.

The new freezer is now full of meat and we've done a Slimming World fridge and cupboard shop this weekend. The rest of the chocolates have gone in the bin too. And we have made a deal not too venture out this week. (my partner is working away for two nights from now anyway)

Well i just wanted to get all of that off of my chest. So sorry to have such a huge moan and confession at the same time.

Baby is now asleep and my little girl is watching television so i've got my slimming world magazine out to read for inspiration and am writing a meal planner for the next week.


OP posts:
BlueBumedFly · 12/04/2009 22:46

I have eaten and drunk so much on the excuse I will start on tuesday but I will ...... I promise xx

misspollysdolly · 12/04/2009 23:04

Hello! I have recently (three weeks ago) started Slimming World too and also have had various amounts of false starts alongside finding it difficult to get off the ground - so to speak but probably literally too!! First week, was ill and didn't eat anything for three days then ate what I could manage for a day, but did manage to lose 1.5 lbs. Second week, I realised just how much I pick, especially in the evenings and found it very hard to break that habit, third week away at a conference which was catered for and nothing would realistically fit in with SW plan and NOW it's blooming Easter and the house is full of blooming feeling like a total and utter failure. Can anyone help me get back (or to find, even) the straight and narrow...??!!

BlueBumedFly · 13/04/2009 08:37

I am just getting bigger. I drink wine too often and have bad snack choices I know. So, tomorrow is a new day and I am going to read the Paul McKenna book as some mners have said it is really good. I need to loose 2 stone, I wanted to loose some before my daughters 2nd bithday party next week but alas I shall look a porker in the photos yet again ..... Very sad about that ...

jenk1 · 13/04/2009 10:58


ive been doing SW for 7 weeks and have lost a stone,but this last week i havent stuck to it at ALL, we,ve had meals out,been to family for meals and of course chocolate!!!!

so im going to WI on weds and im starting again, dont get too downhearted,just view it as a "flexible syns week" as if you had been on holiday because it is easter time and a holiday for a lot of people.

i found EE took me at least 2 weeks to get into at first but after then i had no trouble, come on the SW skinny bums thread, theres lots of ideas and inspiration on there.

BlueBumedFly · 13/04/2009 12:30

Do you have a link to that thread jenk1 - I need some serious inspiration!

jenk1 · 13/04/2009 16:48

yes here it is

skinny bums

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