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Slimming World v. Weightwatchers?

6 replies

LadyOfScoffleTheEasterEggs · 12/04/2009 13:52

The only time I lose weight is by going to weigh ins (I have to be shamed into it ) but was unsure which of these is 'better'?


OP posts:
Lizzylou · 12/04/2009 13:59

I have done both plans but found SW worked far better for me (could have been because I kept getting confused between the two as I did SW first).

splitends · 29/04/2009 08:27

I think Weight Watchers is better as I joined Slimming World and put on weight.

The Slimming World leader was extremely overweight in fact I would say she was obese (didn't expect someone skinny but this was ridiculous) and it wasn't that encouraging.

Weight Watchers is a really easy plan. You have a daily points allowance and no food is a sin. You can earn points through excercise and if you don't up all your daily allowance bank them and save them up for treats.

Plus there is such a vast range of foods at the supermarket with the points value on the packet.

I have lost 28 pound since November and it is coming of at a nice steady pace.

I know quite a few people who have lost weight on Slimming World but they have put it back on with a few extra pounds.

Good luck whichever you choose.

chocoholic · 29/04/2009 08:36

I'm doing Tesco ediets, which is a weigh in, but you do it at home instead. You share with Tesco and anyone on their community you want to (I've joined a group of Feb starters)

It is really working for me as it is based around a menu plan rather than points etc which means I don't have to think too much.
I've lost a stone so far, just one more to go!!!

Guadalupe · 29/04/2009 08:39

I've lost 20 lb in 9 weeks with weightwatchers. I have pretty much stuck to the points (with the odd meal/binge) and have exercised moderately and it's come off consistently. I don't know anything about SW though so can't compare.

AphroditeInHerNightie · 30/04/2009 06:34

Slimming World is fab if you like your pasta (on green days) or your meat (on red days) as both are unlimited!
I lost five and a half stone with S/World and ate loads!

splitends · 30/04/2009 19:29

having done a little research would have to say Weight Watchers. Their leaders have all been members and have lots of courses and have to stick within a certain weight to continue lead a meeting. They also promote healthy and nutrious eating which Slimming World does not.

I think I mentioned previously about the obese slimming world leader. She has been leading her group for ten years and is bigger than when she started. Slimming World customer services say that it doesn't matter if the leader puts on weight and they do not monitor them. Well excuse me if I am paying £5 a go I would like to think that the leader is making an effort.

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