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Not overweight yet, but will be at this rate.

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nickytwotimes · 01/04/2009 15:24

I am picking because I am unhappy and bored.
Food is my only comfort atm. I used to smoke for comfort, but gave up 3 years ago.
I have almost always been slim. I've been anorexic but got great help and food has never been an issue except once when i was comfort eating and was 2 stone overweight. I lost that (about 5 yrs ago) and since then have been lucky enough to not have to give eating a second thought as I could eat what I fancied.

Generally, our diet is okay, but I have been relying on food for comfort lately. I am very low atm and it keeps me going. Not piles, but certainly more going in than I use up. The last few days I have cut right back on the treats and been eating a good diet, plenty of com[plex carbs, fruit and veg, etc, but my mood is nose diving without sugar lifts. How do I get through? I am seriously, seriously low. I am talking crying mysle fot sleep here.
Can anyone help? I don't want to keep eating crap - it mkes me feel worse both physically and mentally, but I am going downhill big style here.

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 01/04/2009 15:26

Btw, my BMI is 24, so okay, but it has gone up from 23 a few months ago. It will be 27 at the end of the year if I carry on.

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duchesse · 01/04/2009 15:35

Firstly I advise cutting out snacks entirely. The sugar highs and lows are actually making your mood swings worse. But I'm sure you know that already. Try eating fruit if you must eat between meals. Your energy levels will improve if you don't let your blood sugar oscillate wildly, and you'll feel like doing more exercise. My pre-pregnancy BMI was 24.6 which is about 2 stone overweight for me, and I hate it. I'm determined to lose it all again as quickly as possible after this baby's born. If you hang in there till August we could be weight loss buddies!

nickytwotimes · 01/04/2009 15:40

duchesse, I am ttc atm, so might not be able to be your weight loss buddy!
I have been snacking on fruit.

Can I just ask - you say 24.6 is two stone overweight for you. Up to 25 is okay, health wise, isn't it? So you aren't really overweight at all? Fwiw, I look best at about 22-23. I have lost my waist atm.

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 01/04/2009 15:42

Have to go.
Dh home and needs my laptop.
Will look in tonight of course!

OP posts:
duchesse · 01/04/2009 15:42

Most of my excess is sitting on my hips and thighs, although I did start to get those bingo arms flaps, and had a bit of an above bra bulge thing going on (which I LOATHE!). Technically I'm not overweight, but I have a light frame and at 67 kg I felt way too heavy- I prefer to be around 60kg, and feel more energetic and lighter at that weight.

duchesse · 01/04/2009 15:53

Is there anything in particular that's making you unhappy, that might be easy to deal with? It just strikes me that the over eating is hard to tackle if you are feeling down, and working on the cause might be a better long term solution. Also, it might help to remember every day that exercise (eg long walk every day) stimulates natural endorphins and helps you feel better and warmer, as well as speeding up your metabolism. Charles Dickens apparently was depressive and self-medicated by going for 20 mile walks every day. The more you exercise the more energy you have, and I find the reverse is true too.

OrmIrian · 01/04/2009 15:55

Agree with that duchesse. My GP prescribed me a half-marathon to help me with depression and anxiety!

duchesse · 01/04/2009 17:36

Fantastic prescription, Ormirian! Did it work?

nickytwotimes · 01/04/2009 19:10

Yes, excercise would help.
I used to walk a lot when ds was smaller and I could push him. Now he is a stroppy and heavy toddler and I get little if any real excercise. It did keep my weight at a comfortable level for me while letting me eat like a horse and yes, it did lift me. I need to find a bit of motivtion I guess.
Now th evenings are light, I could get out in the evenigns once he is tucked up? It's just getting off my lazy bum is the hard but, eh?

OP posts:
OrmIrian · 02/04/2009 10:52

Not yet duchesse. I am up to 10 miles though and running really does lift my mood.

duchesse · 02/04/2009 11:12

It's yer natural endorphins dontcha know.

duchesse · 02/04/2009 11:14

nicky- I think you definitely need to try to get out alone! Apart from the fact that you'll be able to go at your pace rather than Stroppy Toddler's, you sound as though you need some "me" time as well. How about running/fast walking to a distant pub and meeting friends? It's certainly easier when it's lighter in the evenings.

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