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Need some support!

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Peachyclair · 20/04/2005 20:01


I need support to lose a couple of stone- about three I guess, but I dont have any scales.

DH likes me the way I am (genuinely- his ex's were bigger) and the rest of the family (three sons) are fine, one even clinically underweight! Thats dh's genes.

Both my parents have a history of early onset blood pressure problems, despite Mum being slim. And a friend died Tuesday in her sleep at the age of 35 from heart probs with no warning, leaving her young family.

I need to do this for my own heath! help me please!

OP posts:
debs26 · 20/04/2005 20:08

also need to lose about that much, really ought to quit chocolate but just dont seem able! today is day one of diet, am going for slimming world without joining a group as i was unable to get there last time and thats why i gave up. i wish you loads of luck. any plans on how you are going to do it?

Peachyclair · 20/04/2005 20:30

By eating less? I used to do weightwatchers, but diffcult with kids, and as a student it's bit expensive.. Shame though, worked a treat last time. I cant seem to follow slimming world, but my sister lost about 5 stone onthere.

OP posts:
Hermione1 · 20/04/2005 20:38

Hi PC, I am probably at least 4 or 5 stone overweight. and i am on day two of my new lifestyle. It;s going well. I am just cutting out fat and sugar and not eating crisps or chocolate and eating smaller potions throughout the day instead of large ones. Hope you get some motivation and do what you feel best. Good luck!!

debs26 · 20/04/2005 21:08

sounds like a plan at least! what are you doing as a student? am doing a biology degree myself, although have chickened out a bit and taken time off due to ds3 deciding to never sleep. had exam on monday (for stuff done before xmas) - if it hadnt been for that i would only have 2 1/2 stones to lose instead of 3. i decided that as i was stressed i would eat as much chocolate as i could hold and deal with the consequences afterwards. great idea at the time, not so good now! hi hermione what a lovely name. good luck to you too!

Peachyclair · 20/04/2005 21:13

I'm on an Access at mo, but going to do religion and Philosophy (LOL- no, I'm not starting a cult, everyone asks that! ) in September at Newport.

OP posts:
sanchpanch · 20/04/2005 21:26

ill suppot you, i need to lose 4 / 4 stone and have begun this week , cutting out lots of things that i eat to much of!!
I am going to ww, just for the weigh in and i feel i need that to focas each week otherwise i would cheat, i have found a morning group, and as i work in the community i can nip in there, i then allow myself a treat(this keeps me sane) then the next day i am back on track,

debs26 · 20/04/2005 22:32

uni is fab peachy, i found it so much more interesting than rubbish job i was in before and with the added bonus they are way more flexible so you can get day off if kids are ill (or you just feel like day off ). i suppose that gives you something to aim for, thinking about turning up all slim. i have serious motivational problems. friend said she wanted to go to diet class or something with me, then rings me to say she is disappearing off to york (coming back next week, but not the point at all) - am abandoned!

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