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Can't lose baby weight after number 2!

2 replies

Sholi · 02/03/2009 21:41

Weight fell off after ds1, but 10 months on can't shift weight from ds2. May be something to do with eating too much cake, but shattered as neither the 21?2 year old or 10 month old sleep through night. Going back to work in 3 weeeks and don't fit in any clothes. Miserable about going back and no clothes to wear doesn't help!

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MrsMattie · 02/03/2009 21:44

Join the club. Only 14 wks post natal, but struggled to lose weight with first baby, too. I was a size 10 and 10 st 5 lbs (I'm 5'11) pre-No.1. Put on 4 stone. Lost most of it but very slowly. Put on a stone again through good living, then put on another 2 stone while pregnant with no.2.
I have lost a stone quite quickly through exercise and trying to diet (not very good at that) but now stuck in limbo & cannot shift the 20 lbs-ish I want to get rid of. Oh, and I have a pregnant looking belly and what my best friend calls 'carb face' (bloated cheeks, puffy around the neck).
Clothes look shit. Depressing.

Sholi · 02/03/2009 21:51

Can't believe you are doing so well. Don't think I combed my hair by 14 weeks!
Kept telling myself it takes 9 months to put weight on so 9 months to lose it, but have gone past the 9 month mark now!

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