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Support needed please!!!

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gr8kids · 23/02/2009 18:35

So here it goes.....My 3rd child will be 2yrs next month and since I was pregnant with him I've put 2 stone on. I've never been one to worry about dieting but then again I also never use to eat so much junk as I do now. So I decided to diet and get back to my healthy weight before having ds. I started slim fast shakes diet on friday 20 feb 2009 and have lost 3.6lbs, and 0.6% my body fat. I feel good and not so tired as always and when I need a snack I have fruit. Obviously having to diet I can't have chocolates and wine as I wish. My worst time of day is at night when kids asleep and I watch tele with chocolate and wine. My goal is to lose 2 stone by middle of April 09. Also everyday I make an effort to go on my crosstrainer at least 20-30 minutes, as well as walk children to and from school. As I get fitter I will aim to do longer sessions on crosstrainer. Well my problem now is my mother in law who is always on a diet since I've known her(which has resulted in her total weight loss over 5 years of 1.5 stone) is now telling me I'm been unrealistic and I'll never get that amount of weight off by April. Why is it so unrealistic???? Why is she been so nasty???

OP posts:
andyrobo237 · 23/02/2009 22:04

Jealous probably!

Wont want you to be thinner than she is!

Mind you, how many weeks is it until Mid April - 7 weeks - if you lost 2 lbs a week, you would only be a stone lighter (but that would be great!!), so perhaps it is a little unrealistic, as you tend to lose more in your first few weeks. Anyway, good on you and have a good go at it, and sod her!

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