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dieting but ohmygawd am putting ON weight why oh why?

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ClaudiaSchiffer · 19/02/2009 20:18

Hi there since November I have been eating mainly chocolate and consequently have turned into a bit of a fatty, no surprises there. Anyhoo since last week I have cut out the sweeties and feasted on salad and other good things, also I have been to the gym 3 times (pheweee!). So WHY for GODS sake have I put on nearly 2kilos since last Tuesday?

I don't really need to loose much weight say 4ish kilos (10lbs) so why is it going on??? Honestly I'm not secretly stuffing myself.


OP posts:
LauriefairycakeeatsCupid · 19/02/2009 20:21

maybe you're putting muscle on?

maybe you're due a period?

maybe your body is conserving all the lovely food you're now feeding it after being on sugar for a while?

reeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxx........give it some time, record every bite (not to beat yourself up but to see you're eating enough), measure yourself - if you're toning up maybe one bit is getting smaller.

Mintyy · 19/02/2009 20:22

Are you pre-menstrual?

Have you failed to have a nice big poo today?

Are you sure you are placing your bathroom scales on exactly the same spot on the bathroom floor?

Dior · 19/02/2009 20:23

If you are not eating ENOUGH, your body will not burn the fat because it thinks you are starving it. The best thing to do is eat around 1,500 calories a day plus more if you exercise. The weight will come off at about 1lb per week, which is a good, safe way to lose it.

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid · 19/02/2009 20:28

oh and stop weighing yourself every day/second day - once a week only

ClaudiaSchiffer · 19/02/2009 20:34

Done a poo

Not pre-menstrual

Am weighing accurately (although am desperately hoping that my scales are faulty)

hmm I think I am eating enough, not starving myself by any means but am eating in a different order ie lots of breakfast, not so much lunch and carb free dinner of salad + protein. Just put skirt on and waist is getting TIGHTER so not faulty scales at all.

Will record everything I eat, thank you all.

OP posts:
ClaudiaSchiffer · 19/02/2009 20:35

Also got a mate who is low-carbing coming for lunch, got any ideas? Rather irritatingly she is also semi-veggie so no meat.

Can low-carbers eat Tomato and Mozzerella salad?

OP posts:
Dior · 19/02/2009 20:35

Erm, could you be pg?

ClaudiaSchiffer · 19/02/2009 20:37

eeeeeeeeek Dior!!!

OP posts:
LauriefairycakeeatsCupid · 19/02/2009 20:37

yes, she can eat that - each cherry tomato is one carb on most lo-carb diets so lighter on the tomato, heavy on the mozzarella and deliciously heavy on the pesto/oil dressing


ClaudiaSchiffer · 19/02/2009 20:38

Am on a new pill - could that be making me put on weight? Mind you only been on it for a few days. . .

OP posts:
Dior · 19/02/2009 20:39

Ok, don't panic. It has only been a week. Give it another week and see what happens. If you are still gaining, maybe time for a test?

BTW, are you writing down everything you eat and drink?

ClaudiaSchiffer · 19/02/2009 20:42

No not writing food down, will try that, good idea thank you.

Thanks Laurie mozzarella and toms it is.

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