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Normal to be so impatient to lose weight?

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macana · 16/02/2009 09:52

DS is 3 months, and although I only gained 12kg during pregnancy, which I thought was pretty good, I've found that I lost the majority quite quickly but have had the last 4kg to lose for over 2 months now.

On the one hand I feel ridiculous - I was the typical woman during pregnancy who said "I don't care if it takes a year or I never lose the weight, I'm just lucky to be having a baby" - and I meant every word, which is why on top of everything else I now feel like a hypocrite! But the truth is I'm desperate to feel sexy again, not that I ever had a body I loved but I want to be back in my skinny jeans minus the muffin top! Want to feel feminine and attractive, which is hard when most days are spent washing poo out of nappies!

Also, I then do the really stupid thing of sometimes getting down over my body and - of course - eating cake!! Amazed actually I haven't GAINED weight! I do go out nearly every day with DS in buggy walking for at least an hour, but am having worrying, stupid, superficial body insecurities, and need something to trigger the weight loss. Any tried and tested detox diets?

Sorry to frustrated at myself more than anything for getting so worked up over 4 kilos, more a mind problem than weight problem

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nappyaddict · 16/02/2009 10:13

I did the juicing diet just before xmas. I too just wanted to lose the half a stone I gained mostly so if I put a few pounds it would be easy to get back to my original weight rather than it keep creeping up and up and up.

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