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Slimming world meetings!!!

10 replies

honeybehappy · 13/01/2009 13:23


can anyone tell me if you have to ring before you go to your first slimming world meeting? and do you have to pay in advance or can you pay everytime you go?

many thanks!

OP posts:
Furball · 13/01/2009 13:34

you just turn up. You can pay as you go - apparently there is a free voucher in this weeks 'woman' magazine. Or you can buy 6 or 10 week countdowns. It's up to you.

I lost 2 stone last year with SW qne used to buy 6 week countdowns as I went to try and keep me on the straight and narrow

good luck! - there is a sw thread Here if you're interested

honeybehappy · 13/01/2009 13:40

thanks for the info furball!

OP posts:
Furball · 13/01/2009 13:43
honeybehappy · 13/01/2009 17:43

errr someone has just told me they weigh you in front of everybody, does this really happen?

I'm having second thoughts now.

OP posts:
Surfermum · 13/01/2009 17:51

Not really in front of everyone. It's very discreet. Only the person doing the weighing will know what your actual weight is, and you, of course. It gets recorded and then the Consultant will read out what your loss is. Our Consultant would say "Surfermum has had a little gain this week but overall has lost a total of xxx". No-one ever knew what my weight was, or how much I'd put on if I had (unless I told them).

I lost over 2.5 stones with SW a couple of years ago. It really does work. And you will find that there are lots of people there in exactly the same boat as you.

Don't be nervous .

Niecie · 13/01/2009 17:52

I think I read recently, and it could have been in the SW magazine as I bought it this month, that they weigh you in front of everybody but they don't read out the result, they just write it down. I suppose they might say how much you have lost but that is good, surely? A cause for celebration!

Certainly reading out your weight would be very off putting!

Niecie · 13/01/2009 17:54

x post with surfermum who knows!

honeybehappy · 13/01/2009 18:01

thanks, i better get going then or i'll be late!!


OP posts:
Surfermum · 13/01/2009 21:21

How did you get on?

honeybehappy · 13/01/2009 21:25

i'm very confused ! i have posted on the sw thread, just hope someone can help me!

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