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How much weight have you lost (or not!) so far and which diet are you doing?

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VinoEsmeralda · 10/01/2009 22:17

I started last Saturday weighing 70.6kg and this morning I weighed 68.8 so lost 1.8kg! very pleased with 1st weeks result.

Am following Patricks Holdford GL diet and you can eat loads and mostly my favorite foods so seems weird to have actually lost weight and having good food IYSWIM.

Hopefully will loose another kg next week and so on till I reach 63kg (or maybe 60 if it goes easy).

How have you all done last week?

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VinoEsmeralda · 11/01/2009 13:32


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cheekysealion · 11/01/2009 13:34

i am just eating healthy and have lost 2 stone by cutting the junk i used to eat in the evenings!!

i now have breakfast

lunch is soup and pitta bread

dinner is protien and a mountain of veg

dalek · 11/01/2009 13:56

Vino - do you take the supplements he recommends?

cheekysealion · 11/01/2009 13:58

what do you eat?

VinoEsmeralda · 11/01/2009 16:10

Dalek Not all but take the VicC and the Multi vitamin plus I found the 5-HTP and Chromium at Holland and Barret but the HCA I only found on his website which was IMO too expensive so havent bothered.

Cheekysealion see below what I ate last week. With the salad (make your own dressing or buy sugerfree dressing) I normally have a slice of pumpernickel or oatcakes. Plus 2 snacks a day (not completely filled out)

Greek salad
Pesto salmon/steamed veg and brown basmalti

Pesto salmon/steamed veg and brown basmalti
Chilli con carne

Scrambled eggs with salmon and pumpernickel
Salad with cottage cheese and smoked salmon
Greek Salad

Scrambled eggs with salmon and pumpernickel
Leek and potato soup
pasta bolognaise

Berry smoothie
Egg mayo with oatcakes
Goats cheese, pear, pecan salad

Oatcakes/hummus and cruditee
Sesame and cashew quinnoa

Salad nicoise
King prawn pilaff

Saturday: pumkin seeds& orange/cruditees with hummus
Snacks Sunday: cruditees with hummus/1dsp pumpkin seeds/apple
Snacks Monday: 1dsp pumpkin seeds & apple/hummus cruditees
Snacks Tuesday: 1dsp seeds& orange/olives and fruit
Snacks Wednesday :
Snacks Thursday : muffins/
Snacks Friday: handful of olives

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MumHadEnough · 11/01/2009 16:27

I'm on Cambridge Diet and seem to have lost 6lb since Monday. Official weigh in tomorrow morning so REALLY hoping it will be 7lb!

Well done all of you x

VinoEsmeralda · 11/01/2009 16:32

wow MumHadEnough is it easy? and what do you eat? (or not :-)

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Tillyscoutsmum · 11/01/2009 16:39

I lost 2 stone 2lb on Slimfast (1 stone) and then weight watchers. Took about 4 months

chancelloroftheexCHEQUERS · 11/01/2009 16:41

I started last Saturday. I think I've lost 2 pounds by cutting out junk (chocolate mainly) and doing lots of walking.

MumHadEnough · 11/01/2009 18:02

Vino, its an easy diet once you're past the first three days. The first three days are torture though!

Some days I have just three shakes/soups/bars and that is known as sole source, other days I follow the 810 plan which is three shakes etc a day plus a small low carb meal at night.

Its very very effective if you can stick at it and change your eating habits when you finish. I lost three stone last year but between just generally being a pig (and I mean really pigging out) and over Christmas I put near enough 2 stone back on again. It went on quickly though with Christmas and seems to be coming off quickly again.

I wouldn't expect to lose 7lbs every week though, just the first week. I'll probably lose 3-4lbs a week after that.

Feel free to ask any questions.

MumHadEnough · 11/01/2009 18:04

Sorry the 810 plan is 2 shakes a day plus meal! (well at my height/weight anyway)

VinoEsmeralda · 11/01/2009 20:53

Thanks MumHadEnough. I have done those diets before (not the Cambridge but Multifast/Slimfast etc) and found that I really need a 'diet' that changes my eating habits and a way that becomes normal. So hopefully this is the one, I know it wont be fast but hopefully it will stay off this time

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MumHadEnough · 11/01/2009 22:45

Vino, Cambridge is a bit different from Slimfast etc as your body goes into Ketosis. A side effect of this is that you're not hungry, any hunger you feel is emotional so it shows you where you've been eating when you're not really hungry iykwim!

Good luck, I hope you do really well!

VinoEsmeralda · 12/01/2009 11:02

Here it to loosing lots of weight (raises pint of water) and that we may look like goddess in a few weeks/months!

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VinoEsmeralda · 12/01/2009 11:03

look like a goddess

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travellingwilbury · 12/01/2009 11:06

I started doing Atkins last monday and I have lost 7 pounds
I know it is the first week but I haven't found it hard to follow at all . I am a carb junkie and I have found it much easier than I thought I would .

MrsMattie · 12/01/2009 15:08

Started 8 days ago, have lost 4 lbs.

Not on a particular diet, but:

  • Cut out sugar, wheat, alcohol and caffeine completely for a week to kick start the whole thing
  • Eating at least 5 portions of fruit & veg a day
  • Drinking loads of water

-Started doing Pushy Mothers once a week
-Walking for at least 60 mins veery day

I'm going to start going to the gym twice a week, too. Got my induction on Friday!

I'm keeping it realistic, not setting my heights too high and not allowing myself to go hungry. I've allowed myself some wine, coffee, a slice of cake and a Thai meal at the weekend. I'm just trying to eat a healthier diet and be more active.

I'd like to lose a stone by my birthday at the end of March, and ideally 2 stone all in all.
VinoEsmeralda · 12/01/2009 19:12

MrsMattie - sounds very much like Gl diet to me. How do you feel? As I find I need less sleep, am much more alert and my skin has improved big time (smaller pores and not so many red patches), and so much more energy

I am also upping my games of squash to 3 times a week and cycling instead of walking (which used to really help toning so hopefully will still do this).

All in all you all have lost a lot of weight in the 1st week! Very good!

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MrsMattie · 13/01/2009 11:01

I definitely have loads more energy, and I feel so much better mentally/emotionally - just more positive and upbeat. Amazing what some fresh food & fresh air can do!

VinoEsmeralda · 13/01/2009 11:28

Strange isnt it? Even my Dh noticed the difference and that is a result on its own!

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VinoEsmeralda · 18/01/2009 19:14

weighed myself yesterday (67.8)and lost another kg! very pleased and diet is still easy to do and not feeling hungry!

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