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New Cambridge Diet Thread for 2009

14 replies

MumHadEnough · 05/01/2009 13:15

Hi Everyone,

Starting back on Cambridge today having gained about 11 lbs over December. Wondering if anyone else is starting back too and wants to join me.

I'm going to try and do sole source, although I don't know if I'll manage. If I can get through today then I'll probably be okay but if not I'll just do the 810 plan, which has worked well for me before.

Off to Egypt 4 weeks on Thursday so I'd really like to try and get a stone off at least before I go so I can get into my holiday clothes.

Come join me here, let me know I'm not alone!

Start Weight: 11st 6lbs
Short Term Goal: 10st 4lbs (by 5th February)
Long Term Goal Weight: 9st 6lbs

OP posts:
MumHadEnough · 05/01/2009 13:16

Ooops Long Term Goal Weight should be 9st 0lbs!!!

OP posts:
caykon · 06/01/2009 10:53

Hi I started back on cambridge yesterday as well. I have really let things slip and got up to my heaviest ever.
Start weight - 16st 6 1/2lbs (size 16/18)
Goal - Weight ?? (size 10 / 12)

Yesterday went well, stuggled to drink the water but will gradually build this up.

Also walked (despite the snow) to take dd to preschool, and did my gym workout.

Feel ever so cold though, this diet always makes me cold, but actual weather isnt helping.

How did your first day go?

MumHadEnough · 06/01/2009 21:54

Hi Caykon, well done on getting back on the wagon.

Yesterday wasn't too bad, BUT I was absolutely starving and come 9pm I gave in and had some prawns.

I've did better today though and so far have managed to just have my three shakes, 1 about 12pm, 1 about 4pm and my last about 20 mins ago.

We're having an extension built at the moment so it helped that I had to come home and do about 2 hours of cleaning/tidying to take my mind off things. .

I think I've managed about 3 litres of water today but going to try harder tomorrow to get to 4.

Day 2 almost over . I hope today has gone well for you too.

OP posts:
MumHadEnough · 09/01/2009 16:49

How's it going Caykon? Doing not too bad, now day 5 for me.

Last night was tough, so I ended up having a meal at night, just a small amount of veg curry that I made myself. Then I ended up having some cold meat and mixed nuts (all protein so i'll be fine) but I really probably do need to just not eat as I can't stop once I start.

Hope you're doing well. Surely there's more than just us out there on Cambridge?

OP posts:
slalomsuki · 11/01/2009 15:53

Can I join in this

Well I can join once I have seen the counsellor etc and bought another load of stuff. I gave the last lot to my mum before last half term and she is always more disciplined than I am.

Have about 4 stone to loose so here's hoping!

fatjac · 12/01/2009 11:36

I am starting back on Cambridge today.

I have about 3 weeks worth of packs lying around plus some Tesco low carb drinks and Dietimeal packs. I am going to use these up then decide whether to go back to Cambridge properly.

I had a total binge fest last week and weighed in this morning at 17st11 or 249lbs. I am 5 feet 7 and have decided to set a target of 10st9 or 149lbs. So thats just 100lbs to lose then!

Its 21 weeks till my 40th birthday so I really want to make a difference by then.

I'm going to do proper SS this week. No milk in my tea, no diet drinks, no picking on chicken!

Well thats the plan anyway.

Cinders19 · 17/01/2009 19:01

HI is it ok to join this thread.
I started the CD 3 days ago and have lost 5lbs already. I have found it really hard today and had a handful of popcorn, plain, and 2 spoons of mash. I am determined to make this work. It smy last last resort before surgery. If this works then I am congratulating myself with a boob job.
One thing i have tried to make the shaked last longer is make a black cup of coffe and put 2 teaspoons of vanilla in or toffee and walnut and whisk and its like a latte. Any tips from anyone please.

hunnybun1981 · 17/01/2009 20:35

if anyone wants to buy some cambridge diet i am selling 25 packs

mixture 5 porridge, 5 leek and potato, some vanilla, choc, choc mint, capucino, and some others

any offers?

mumzee2 · 26/01/2009 20:19

I'm thinking of starting this as i have at least 6 stone to loose do you still have the energy to work out on cd? As I have started going to thr gym.

hunnybun - how much do you want for them?

champs · 28/01/2009 04:22

hi all! Sorry to barge in but am thinking about doing LL but the expense is a big factor. Reading a few threads on here, I heard about cambridge. Please can i ask, how many calories is a day on CD? For those who lost alot of weight on it before, did you notice any loose skin at all?

fatjac · 28/01/2009 14:23

Cambridge Sole Source is the same as LL around 450cals a day. thats for 3 packs. If you are over 5'8" you have 4 packs that adds an extra 140cals but the weight loss is the same.

champs · 29/01/2009 01:29


do you still cook meals(for family etc.)? is it tempting tob eat whn you've cooked?

hansnava · 29/01/2009 18:38

ahhhh help.
i started canbridge diet monday before last and all ready i have caved. ive had a really crap couple of days my baby has had a bad cold so i havent slept for three nights plus im coming down with it too, my eldest dd has turned into the devil itself. so i was tired and hungry i had to give into one and as my dd1 and dd2 wouldnt let me sleep i had to eat. i just sat there and thought bs i cant do it and have just spent today eating(all healthy foods though). i really dont want to give up though as i lost 9.5lbs in the first week and was soo pleased myself. can i start again tomorrow or do i have to tell my councellor. {hmm}

WannabeYumiMummi · 20/03/2009 22:01

I am on week 3 of th CD. I lost 16 lbs and 20 inches by week 2. Another 4 stone to go. I have found that ive started to lapse th past few days though .. a slice of cheese, a peice of ham... whatever ! I NEEEEED to stop doin this but im finding it really difficult. I knew this was gonna be and i want this really bad ! Any1 else having problems??

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