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Feeling depressed

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TLESinChristmasStockings · 28/12/2008 12:51

Ok I am not overly big size 12-14 and I have a good figure (so dp tells me lol) But since having ds2 i can't shift the baby belly,

I don't eat excessivly, in fact i dont eat a lot at all. I am not a sweet eater, although the odd wispa bar sneaks in my shopping.

I eat fresh veg but can't abie fruit lol. I don't eat brekkie or lunch and only a small dinner. I walk a lot so can't get my head around not losing this weight.

anyone have any ideas? as i am really down

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rubyslippers · 28/12/2008 12:53

you actually need to eat to lose weight but the right stuff

not eating a lot can put your body into starvation mode so your body holds onto fat

so, you do need to eat more

am sorry you feel down - i have eaten non stop over Xmas and need to get back into sensible eating now

reindeercantdancethetango · 28/12/2008 12:57

Agree with ruby, you need to start eating regular meals.

twoluvlyNewYearsResolutions · 28/12/2008 12:57

you must eat, but the right things!!

i joined weight watchers just before Christmas, and although I have eaten plenty of rubbish for about a week, I'm back on track today!!

If yours is just belly, TLES, why not try a few exercises aimed at reducing/flattening the belly?

Don't be down, I've carried excess baby weight for 13 years

TLESinChristmasStockings · 28/12/2008 12:58

Hi Ruby,
Problem is if i eat breakfast I feel sick, always have done even as a child. Lunch I sometimes have a slice of toast. But Dinner time, I am normally feeding ds2 so my dinner goes cold and I then don't eat it.

I know I should have breakfast but it really turns my stomach regardless of what it is.

Any ideas?

Also at dinner time I eat meat, veg, pasta, rice, have to say if i have spag bol i do eat it all lol but the rest of the time i don't. same as I will and can eat pasta and pesto till the cows come home.

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rubyslippers · 28/12/2008 12:59

how about something really light like a poached egg, wholemeal toast, fruit, porridge

Also, i cannot eat when i first get up but i always have breakfast

i have been having shredded wheat with a drizzle of honey which is nice

TLESinChristmasStockings · 28/12/2008 13:01

have added a pic to profile, 3rd down of me sideways on. I hate it but you will see what i mean!

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TLESinChristmasStockings · 28/12/2008 13:02

Poached eggs I can eat anytime. but cereal i can't stand....I never used to be a fussy eater and would eat anything but since having ds2 i am fussy.....don't know whats happened.

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Jumpty · 30/12/2008 12:45

It might be right that your metabolism is slow because you don't eat much but it can't be right that eating more now will speed it up. I'm no expert but I think you can only increase your metabolic rate by exercising and adding muscle. I see what you mean from your pictures - you're not fat at all. Maybe you have an intolerance that makes you a bit bloated? I stopped eating bread and cereals last year and noticed a big difference in my tummy (and reappearance of my waist).

hunnybun1981 · 01/01/2009 09:42

what about a smoothie, make with lots of fresh fruit and yoghurt maybe u will get used to the fruit taste, my stomach is in a sorry state, after 2 babes and i am joining the gym asap, as we have a wedding to go to this year.

good luck love

TLESinChristmasStockings · 02/01/2009 14:51

Hunny, thankyou!!!

I think I was just feeling really down the other day. I feel better today and although i do need to lose my belly it is not such a major deal today lol

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