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What is your reaction if someone out of the blue says

4 replies

OrmIrian · 12/11/2008 16:57

"I can't beleive that after 3 children you are so slim'?

Do you:

  1. Not beleive them?
  2. Instantly tell them 'Oh no I'm not'
  3. Make a joke out of it
  4. Say thankyou.

And does it make you feel good or wonder if they are taking the p*?

I'd like to say my response was 3, but it never is.

Because I still find it very difficult to deal with. After a long time of being quite big, I am now not (or not so much so). I don't think of myself as 'so slim' either - I don't suppose I'll ever think that way.

Anyone else have this issue with their size.
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OrmIrian · 12/11/2008 16:57

Sorry obviously the second 3 should be 4 And that's what I'd like to reply too.

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pagwatch · 12/11/2008 17:01

people actually do say that to me !!!

I ALWAYS say 2) and worse I go on to explain in great detail that I look very slim to the casual observer because I have no breasts at all and am narrow but actually have a huge arse and just dress well to cover it up.

After that the issue rarely comes up again - because they have moved and changed their telephone number and no longer make eye contact but point and stare and try to catch glimpses of my rarely spotted rhino arse...

OrmIrian · 12/11/2008 17:04

Ah yes, the instant denial defence! Have used it myself but DH tells me it's the most annoying of the lot .

I also have a largish expanse of arse so much so that I can't understand how anyone thinks I'm slim.

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OrmIrian · 13/11/2008 13:21

Mum said something along those lines too last night. 'You are much too thin these days' But as she always says that I tend to be more worried when she doesn't With her I just smile and ignore.

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