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Paul McKenna - Has anyone been to a seminar

5 replies

dalek · 10/11/2008 09:57

and what did you think? Is it worth it? There is a seminar in January but it is expensive? Does anybody have any stories - good or bad?


OP posts:
MUM23ASD · 10/11/2008 10:00

Not been to seminar- but really beieve that when i listen to his CD (free with book)... it definitely helps!

dalek · 10/11/2008 10:11

Have is made a difference to your eating habits?

OP posts:
MUM23ASD · 10/11/2008 12:51

I haven't listened for months ... when i last did...i found it easier to throw food away when i would normally keep eating to clear he says EAT WHEN YOUR HUNGRY- STOP WHEN YOU ARE FULL... and he encourages you to WALK ....and that is a message that still plays in my head!

akhems · 10/11/2008 12:58

There's a yahoo group which was fairly active I think, might be worth a look?

meandjoe · 05/12/2008 20:53

I watched the live seminar he did on TV a couple of years ago. I also bought the book with the CD. It did change my attitude to food and worked slowly but surely. Then I got pregnant and pissed it up the wall a bit but after Christmas I am doing it again. I want to lose about 2-3 stone which will take ages using this method (probably over 6 months) but way better than constantly calorie counting and feeling hungry/ wanting to binge etc.

It is a sensible method imo as it's just about learning self control and really listening to your body rather than the fat bastard in my head that tells me I NEED to eat a full pack of choccy digestives!

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