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is anyone is thinner before got pg?

16 replies

biglips · 13/03/2005 23:30

as my weight is falling off dramatically since had baba 5 months ago (not on diet - ive it took after my mum) as i weigh lighter now than before i was pg.

OP posts:
sparklymieow · 13/03/2005 23:31

I weigh about the same as when I had DS and I have had two Dds since too.

nightowl · 13/03/2005 23:52

i was at first. i weighed 7 1/2 stone before getting pg with ds and a year later (without diet) i was 7 stone. too thin for me really, i looked bony but theres no worry about that now!! i put it down to still being a teenager.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 13/03/2005 23:55

Yes, but sadly not thinner than pre all my babies onlt the DTs

ghosty · 14/03/2005 00:01
nightowl · 14/03/2005 00:47

im now heavier than ive ever been!!

bobbybob · 14/03/2005 08:01

I was for about a year, but the weight is creeping back up now.

Frizbe · 14/03/2005 08:35

soooo unfair......

PiccadillyCircus · 14/03/2005 08:38

I am also one of the annoying people who has managed to be lighter post baby than pre pregnancy. But I am pregnant again and not sure I can get away with it twice .

Clayhead · 14/03/2005 08:47

I got away with it twice...I'm quite a bit lighter than before I got pregnant

Kelly1978 · 14/03/2005 09:02

I dramatically lost weight after second baby, was lovely and slim for a while, but now 36 wks pg with twins and can't imagine wht size I will end up! I found breastfeeding made the pounds drop off, no matter how much I ate.

tassis · 14/03/2005 09:40

I lost weight while breastfeeding ds and it's not come back. I've not been this weight since 1 was about 15.

tarantula · 14/03/2005 09:48

Yeah I lost lots of weight while breastfeeding and went down to below my pre preg weight which wasnt actually good as I was below my BMI weight to start with (Im a naturally scrawny person me) but Ive put a bit back on now so think Im about what I was before (havent weighed myself recently mind) but all my clothes fit again that were starting to fall off me before so Im happy.

TinyGang · 14/03/2005 09:50

Just knew I shouldn't have clicked on this thread!

I have a couple friends who seems to fall into this category. One had her children before me and reassuringly said 'Oh, don't worry - it all comes off again afterwards'

Hmmmm, still waiting...

maisystar · 14/03/2005 09:52

i was ,not now tho

lunavix · 14/03/2005 09:53

I am now lighter than I was before pg but not skinnier if that makes sense.

It took 9 months (like they say!) and I now weigh less then I did. I also now have hips, thighs, and a flabby tummy that just will not go....

Boobs will NOT get smaller either no matter how hard I try!

handlemecarefully · 14/03/2005 09:53

Ha Ha Ha splutter fnar fnar

(sound of tortured self deprecating and ironic laughter)

I wish.....

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