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Starting WW again tomorrow, anyone got a list of activity points?

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Bloodystumperlicious · 19/10/2008 16:31

I have most of the stuff as I tried it about a year ago but DD was only 5 months and it affected my milk supply so only did it for 2 weeks or so. I really need to do it again so am starting tomorrow but I don't have the info on activity points. Does anyone have any details, mainly for things like walking, cycling, running and yoga.


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Bloodystumperlicious · 19/10/2008 16:55

I think it is done by weight so I am 9st9 or 62.5kg if that helps.

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Bloodystumperlicious · 19/10/2008 21:07

Anyone? I need to know what half an hour of cycling equates to. Pleeeeeease!

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