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No nasty comments please - I have to put weight on...

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stroppyknickers · 15/08/2008 18:43

OK, I have to see a dietician soon because I have a low BMI. I've lost loads thro breastfeeding each child and am now down to 7 1/2 stone. I know that's skinny for my height, but I can't see it in the mirror, iyswim. Really worried that I'll be told to eat loads more, keep putting weight on and end up at the other end of the scale. Any one been here?

OP posts:
CarGirl · 15/08/2008 18:54

Have they ruled out medical reasons for your BMI dropping so low?

I think once you've put a stone on you will be able to look at photos of you now and see that you currently look unhealthily thin. That has happened to me - I loved it when I was very slim because I had a tiny waist but when I look at the photos now I can see I looked too thin.

I have settled at about the correct weight for my height tbh.

stroppyknickers · 15/08/2008 19:39

Yes, I think so. I've had normal results for thyroid etc. It just seems abnormal to need to put weight on esp with people like Posh Spice acting as ideal role models etc...

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 15/08/2008 19:42

Yes. Me. Ds was getting bigger and bigger and I was getting thinner and thinner.

I wasn't worried that I would put too much on though. Drink Guinness, eat lots of pies, those body building drinks you get at health food shops are good too. You'll be prone to all kinds of infections if you are too skinny.

Rhubarb · 15/08/2008 19:44

7.5 is too skinny. I'm not tall and I weigh 8 stone and I get people telling me how skinny I am. But no matter what I eat, I'll always be 8 stone.

7.5 is skinny. At least aim for 8. How tall are you?

stroppyknickers · 15/08/2008 19:48

5 foot 7. BMI is 17? I do eat a lot, mainly at night without dcs nicking food...Guinness sounds good. May swap winebox for cans...

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 15/08/2008 19:56

I'm same height as you, I'm 8 stone, I'm not my ideal weight. Ideal weight for our height is 9 stone.

You should aim for 8. Even that's a bit too much on the skinny side for my liking. But it's ok.

ilovemydog · 15/08/2008 19:59

is that nasty?

Are you asking for advice to out on weight?

stroppyknickers · 15/08/2008 20:06

Haha. No, just worried that people will think I'm showing off. I wd really like advice on what I shd weigh (thank you rhubarb) and any advice on putting weight on safely, and with a stopping point!

OP posts:
ilovemydog · 15/08/2008 20:29

Formula? Oops, wrong thread

I'd say carbs (just typed crabs!) like pasta, rice, potatoes etc, but to have a balanced diet including protein, fruit and veg.

ilovemydog · 15/08/2008 21:23

ilovemydog · 15/08/2008 21:25

Ooh, didn't read the end bit - may be overkill, sorry!

bonnibaby · 15/08/2008 22:29

I knew a girl who had this problem ,her GP told her to eat lots of Mars bars!

stroppyknickers · 16/08/2008 08:46

ilovemydog - love the sugar coated sandwiches bit. May try them grilled. Will then be posting about dental care bonnibaby - deepfried?

OP posts:
Bumdiddley · 17/08/2008 19:54

My sister has been told to put on weight (periods have stopped)

She was told to do simple things like using full fat milk and yoghurt, dressings on salad, cheese on everything etc.

Sitting on my arse drinking wine worked for me!!

Twiglett · 17/08/2008 19:59

you actually sound quite proud of yourself tbh .. and I don't mean that horribly

but really I think you might need a psychologist alongside the dietician

your concern, rather than being worried about your abnormally low weight for your height is that

you don't see it .. so you are body dysmorphic (don't worry lots of us are, including me .. I always think I look great )

you don't want to be overweigh .. well there's a feck of a long way to go to overweight from your BMI

you see 'Posh Spice' as a role model .. and eek

You are obviously seeing a dietician who will give you good advice

but you need to check your attitude I think .. because if you're proud of your 'skinniness' you will never follow it and you will remain underweight with all the potential health problems associated with it

ilovemydog · 17/08/2008 20:00

the guy has 8% body fat!

full fat stuff, cream, pasta, potatoes, cheese,... combination of all the above....

lauraloola · 17/08/2008 20:10

There is a way you can do it by eating loads of protein and low carbs. Almost like Atkins but in a different way - Someone we knew was doing it to put weight on and they put loads on!

Twiglett · 17/08/2008 20:15

she is seeing a dietician who will know how to get to a normal, healthy weight safely

I don't think she is really looking for dietary advice tbh

I think, in a way, she is revelling in her 'thinness' and who can blame her really? This is what our societal mores are turning to .. that thin is better and richer and more attractive

healthy is in

see your dietician and get yourself to a healthy weight

ilovemydog · 17/08/2008 20:41

but she did say (15 aug at 20:08) that she wanted advice as far as putting on weight safely. I assume this means no advice like, 'eat a ton of ice cream' etc.

And I don't think that she is revelling in it. There are genuinely people who cannot put on weight and are underweight.

Bumdiddley · 18/08/2008 08:54

Where does op mention Posh Spice???

My sister is just like this. She has been told she needs to be 9 and a half stone. And she is actually not sure she can doit.

The fact that stroppyknickers has seen a doctor and been referred means her mental state has probably been taken into account.

Good luck to you!

Debra1981 · 23/10/2008 21:47

hi, sorry to hi-jack but just wanted to ask how you got referred to a dietician, I went to my GP because I was concerned I was under-weight, was breastfeeding 1yo at the time, he said yes you are seriously underweight, just stop bf and eat loads of fatty stuff. Didn't seem interested and made me feel like I was wasting his time grr! Have done what he said, was going to anyway, and weight has not changed.

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