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angmarie · 28/05/2008 18:43

I have got 3 1/2 stone to lose and I am getting really depressed , I want to go on the meal replacement milkshakes but just cant afford to do it , I am going to go to the doctors on friday for advice does anyone know if you can get any of these drinks on the NHS or any other help that I could request for .

OP posts:
Furball · 29/05/2008 06:50

If you a buying milkshakes, you are not buying food for yourself, so that must help cost wise.

sorry no other advice really but didn't want your post to go un-noticed.

I've joined slimming world - it's about £3.50 (sorry don't know exactly) a week and have lost just over a stone (another 2 to go) in 7 weeks and I've eaten myself silly so it has been quite easy. don't know whether that could be an option for you?

Furball · 29/05/2008 07:12

just found this thread - not trying to put you off, but didn't want you to jump in and waste money by buying loads then maybe not getting on with it.

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