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personal trainer - any one had one

12 replies

droopyoldbird · 06/04/2008 07:26

I have a personal trainer coming round later for a meeting.
Has any one had one ?
I have about 8 stone to lose and have tried slimming clubs/gym going to a over the years but they obviously did not work for me.
I would love to be fit and be able to do lots of sporty things with the children so am thinking of signing up for a 'back to fitness' programme with the aim of losing weight.
I am a bit apprehensive.
Am I mad ?

OP posts:
MeImAllSmiles · 06/04/2008 11:47

No experience myself but just wanted to wish you luck and say well done for doing something positive as it is so easy to leave it another day, week etc. Hope it works for you.

Cattymum · 06/04/2008 22:16

I have had a personal trainer in the past. i found I learnt a lot about what my body was capable of.

I still use a lot of the techniques I learnt from PT when I exercise on my own.

A good personal trainer will motivate you to work as hard as you need to, which is usually just a bit harder than you would push yourself. The one to one attention can also be a good confidence builder

Good Luck and enjoy it!

poppy34 · 06/04/2008 22:20

yes - was as catty mum said very good for giving you new ideas on wha to do at gym, pushing you further and making you go.

You do need to find someone who you get along with - I had 4 different trainers and to be honest 1 of them I couldn't get along with so stopped seeing him. If you go to your local gym they should be able to give you a list of those who train and their qualifications so you can have a good shopping list.

I'd definitely go for one who is more experienced - ask about qualifications and a lot of trainers are quite good on helping you lose weight etc. it is much better as you get what you pay for (I had one who kept forgetting I was pregnant....)

good luck... I think its a good idea and you're not mad at all.

Youcannotbeserious · 06/04/2008 22:20

I've used a personal trainer and they can be really good to keep you motivated, but it's important to get one that will really work with you towards your goals and listen to you are saying - exercises you do and don't like doing, foods you do and don't like to eat etc.

I had one personal trainer who spent more time playing with my dog than getting me to exercise.... He used to forget to count the repetitions because he was playing - he didn't last long!!!

Good luck!

mousehole · 06/04/2008 22:24

I had a personal trainer years ago (7 years to be precise) and she was fab - I think it must depend on the personal trainer - also you need at least 2 sessions a week of one hour and a third that you do on your own...otherwise there is a tempatation to do nothing in between...

I lost weight but more that that I actually got abs - you should see the wieght fly off if you have 8 stone to lose - if compbined with a good eating plan of course.

droopyoldbird · 07/04/2008 16:29

well - she came round yesterday and was really nice and normal . She has small children so understands the pressures on my time/sleep etc.

I have signed up for 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks initially and she will set me an exercise programme to do on days I dont see her too. I am thinking of at least 6 months to really get in the habit of proper exercise.

I feel good already having made the commitment to invest some time and energy in me for a change.

OP posts:
LooptheLoop · 07/04/2008 16:37

Hope it goes well. I did have one a while ago and lost lots of weight - around a stone a month - so was definitely worth the investment and I would have never had the discipline to exercise like that without help. Problem was I then starting putting the weight back on when I finished!

justhavingamoan · 07/04/2008 16:47

where do uo find a local personal trainer??



justhavingamoan · 07/04/2008 16:59

i havev jsut found one who lives 1min walking distance from my house! good old google!

justhavingamoan · 07/04/2008 17:00

another question - how much should i be paying?



droopyoldbird · 08/04/2008 07:37

I will be paying £200 for 6 sessions - not sure how that compares.
I have my first session this evening, I am really shitting myselflooking forward to it.

OP posts:
justhavingamoan · 08/04/2008 07:38

good luck! hope it goes well xx

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