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Anyone got the BFing leaflet from Slimming World about healthy extras?

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Cazwa · 04/04/2008 21:41

Ive just started Slimming World this week and am partially BFing my DS but forgot to tell the leader this. Ive read in my booklet that you get more healthy extras and to ask for the booklet on BFing with SW. I dont have my leaders mobile number and dont want to ring her on a friday night, so I was wondering if anyone has the leaflet handy?
He is 5.5mo and Im down to morning, evening and a couple of through the night feeds.

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RiaisMaLarkin · 04/04/2008 22:19

hi. the recommendations I have (from last year) is 4-6 months if starting to wean 3 additional HEs, preferably one or two of these should be made from milk/cheese. Also have the full 15 syns.

HTH, good luck!

Cazwa · 05/04/2008 19:16

Ooh, great! Thanks!

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