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How does J-Lo look like that!

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roseability · 28/03/2008 16:46

I don't normally buy OK! magazine but couldn't help glancing in this week's issues with J-Lo and her twins. How the hell does she look like that after twins. I have one 2 year old and a flabby belly and I am a size 16. Although my hubby adores me, I feel really crap about myself sometimes.

OP posts:
BITCAT · 28/03/2008 18:15

I know how you feel, i was a size 8/10 before kids now i have belly, big thighs and a size 14/16. Well for starters, may have been airbrushed a little but they have money to hire trainers, nannies to look after baby, whilst you train people to cook them good food and advice them and probably has a fully equiped gym at home so easy for them!

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