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Need to lose half a stone by June........................................

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huffpuff · 19/03/2008 21:10

going to be godmother at niece's chirstening and need to lose some weight!

Is this possible and if so how?!

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MmeCEggsandeateggs · 19/03/2008 21:16

Eat low fat - and less. Exercise more.

7lbs should be easy if you put your mind to it - slow and steady wins the race!

Twigy · 19/03/2008 21:16

Hi huffand puff. I did it really easily.

Walk everywhere. Gets your bum nice and thighs. My legs are thinner now than they have been in about 8yrs. (true.) I walk with my buddy evryday for an hour. You get chatting and dont notice the time go by.

Eat smaller portions. Snack on fruit. Dont eat your LOs leftovers!!

Cut back on the booze. (Really hard but makes the ood luck

MmeCEggsandeateggs · 19/03/2008 21:18

If you don't fancy going to a class, how about buying a magazine, and following one of their weight-loss plans?

I get the Rosemary Conley mag and it has a 1 week or 2 week plan in every month, complete with recipes.

Twigy · 19/03/2008 21:22

Pilates is brill too. You dont sweat, it can seem hard at first but is really relaxing.

huffpuff · 19/03/2008 21:26

i plan on doing some exercise on my x trainer and 2 sessions of body pump per week.

Wine only at weekends

cut out crap

can i do it by June?

OP posts:
Twigy · 19/03/2008 21:32

Course you will. You have a plan, so you are halfway there. Dont forget to give yourself a treat day, so you dont cave in and trough all day. Dont weigh yourself either. Do what i did and measure your bad bits. Its ace when you notice them shrinking.

huffpuff · 19/03/2008 21:46

thanks for the advice - will let you know how i get on!

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