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Lardy Ladies 11th March

4 replies

HeavyBee · 11/03/2008 09:32

Ok, back on track, lost a pound and am back to nine stone 6lb. Managed not to eat hot cross buns but only because the baker only comes fortnightly to the farmers' market. Hope everyone else is on track again too and that your exercise, Smalline , and your running, Furball , have been going well!

OP posts:
Smalline · 11/03/2008 10:53

Thanks HeavyBee the exercise is going well, have just done 'The body workout' Karen Voight with Elle MacPherson. My kids by the way think that I look like Elle MacPherson, no seriously they do, I was sorting through my exercise videos one day trying to pick one to do, when my kids said 'why don't you do the one with the lady on the front that looks like you', I asked them to show it to me and they picked the one with the lovely picture of Elle MacPherson on it.

Anyway I also lost a pound this week one more to go to that half a stone. How are you doing Furball?

Furball · 11/03/2008 11:23

hi girls - sorry, forgot it was tuesday again

have been out running this morning - I love it! can't quite believe it but I do.

I'll weigh tomorrow

Furball · 12/03/2008 08:42

I'm the same - not a surprise just lucky!

Smalline · 18/03/2008 09:53

"New thread here".

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