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can anyone doing weightwatchers advise me before I part with my (dh's) hard earned cash?

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wannaBe · 24/02/2008 21:52

have just been looking at weightwatchers online on my mum's account with a view to signing up. Site looks ok with being able to track points, plan meals etc, but what i was wondering about was the recipes, have found some, and it gives points per portion, but doesn't seem to suggest what a portion actually is. Does it say anywhere?

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wannaBe · 24/02/2008 21:58

bump - anyone?

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Eve34 · 24/02/2008 22:01

If it is a reciepe it will tell you how many portions the reciepe makes. Otherwise you need the points list.... is it not on line? I have book etc if you want it WW worked for me just ate my self silly since.

MrsThierryHenry · 24/02/2008 22:10

Hmmm...I've not tried WW but am doing something else which is amazing and:

  1. doesn't leave you feeling hungry
  2. doesn't require willpower
  3. will help you refocus your whole life, and
  4. lose weight at the same time, and
  5. apparently people who follow this keep the weight off for good.

    Well I've only been using it for a few weeks so I can't confirm whether point 5 has happened yet! It's a book which was serialised in the Independent in Jan - I bought the book a few weeks ago.

    It's called the No Diet Diet. The principle is that we all get into bad habits (not just connected with eating) and that even if we lose lots of weight by following a diet, if we still keep our old behavioural habits they lead us back to where we started in the first place - i.e. overeating and underexercising (just asa Eve 24 said!).

    I've learned (through changing my habits little by little) that I can be more confident, I can demand what I want of people without being apologetic, I've discovered a whole range of foods I wouldn't have tried before, and I've learned that I can get loads more done throughout the day than I realised. Yes, this is still the same weight-loss programme I've been telling you about.

    I can honestly say that it's helped me lose about half a stone in 3 weeks without consciously changing my diet, so I've not had that horrible guilt/ yearning about foods you shouldn't eat. You can buy it on Amazon - the book details a very simple, positive course which lasts 5 weeks. It's only about £7 quid, I think - I'm sure it's cheaper than WW as well!

    Good luck with whatever you do!

Eve34 · 25/02/2008 08:04

keep me posted hope it works am fed up of bouncing around from a size 14 to 18..... going to really try and address my bad habits. Just as I decided this the dog has gone and hurt his leg and can't walk...

MrsThierryHenry · 26/02/2008 23:21

Hi Eve34, I've not weighed myself yet but I can say that I'm feeling REALLY POSITIVE! I've spent this week practising a foreign language which I've been meaning to do for ages (also walked 1hr15 mins to get there and back), I've been enquiring loads about other people and their lives and found out fascinating things about people I only knew superficially. I've even started tackling my backlog of 'things I'll do one day' and even new tasks which I'd normally put off!

I know it doesn't sound like a diet at all, but I really feel like I'm knocking my old habits on the head and kick-starting a newer, more vital me. The one thing I've noticed is that I don't seem to crave sugary foods, or if I do I either have them in small quantity or have something healthy instead - and it doesn't feel like an act of willpower. I can't explain it - somehow by doing something different (the book's catchphrase) outside my eating and exercise habits, this principle has seamlessly crept into my eating and exercise behaviour as well.

I'll probably weigh myself by the end of the week...I'll start a new thread (rather than hijacking Wannabe's thread) to see if there are any other like-minded souls out there.

Eve34 · 27/02/2008 22:23

That sounds like it is working really well for you - I will maybe give it a look and see, I just can't find the time some days I don't know where it all goes and then cab't be bothered to go out. Have cut back this week and stopped snacking after tea and walked J to nursery this morning I just know it is short term with me and will go back to my old ways. Thinking I should get hypnotised (sp) to get the mind set right.

grumpybum · 02/03/2008 22:44

Can I just add that I think ww is brill. I lost 7st on it and am an avid believer that if you stick to it - it will work. The hard part is sticking to it. You need to calculate the points value if every little thing that parts you lips - Everything!

EsmeWeatherwax · 02/03/2008 23:20

Alternatively, WW does the Core plan, which seems like a really good thing to me, its all about only healthy foods, three meals a day and snacks of fruit/veg. No points counting has to be involved, although you do get 21 points a week for treats/whatever. It seems to me to be teaching a sensible way of eating, rather than being "on a diet" as such. Although I'm starting it this week, so can't tell you how good it is or anything.

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