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Pedometer Club- week 25

3 replies

MadameChristmas · 13/12/2004 10:19

Is it worth me starting this thrread as I was the only one to post a result last week.

My total for w/e 11th December was 78255

OP posts:
coppertop · 13/12/2004 10:25

I'm hoping to join you as soon as dh hands over his pedometer. You're probably sick of repeating it but how does the Pedometer Club work? Do we post our results each Monday?

MadameChristmas · 13/12/2004 10:35

When we first started we emailed our results to CP3, but now that there are so few of us we post our own.

Usually I count from Saturday morning to Friday night. I don't have net access at home now so I post my results on monday when I can get to the Library, but if you want to post yours before then that is fine by me.

OP posts:
littledrummerbird · 13/12/2004 12:57

Well done MadameChristmas! That is a seriously good result for anytime of the year, but especially good when weather is likely to be a negative factor.

I won't be posting for about a month as we are currently in America on an extended holiday break. Due back in the UK mid January, when I'm sure I will be filled with good intentions/new year's resolutions (and hopefully not some extra weight to shift! Grin). Look forward to rejoining you then, and being active again!

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