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Anyone followed the Tesco diet club?

3 replies

happycherrycake · 04/02/2008 16:43

Had an email from them advertising it, wondered what people thought?

OP posts:
mrsmalumbas · 04/02/2008 16:45

I did, didn't like it, software not easy to use IMO. I think you'd be better spending your money going to weightwatchers. But maybe that's just me.

happycherrycake · 05/02/2008 10:05

Not v popular then?!!

OP posts:
Jahan · 05/02/2008 11:11

Me and dh did this for a while. We did the 10 week trial.
I actually found it quite good.
Its cheaper than ww and it gives you menus and a shopping list for the week (You can swap meals if you don't like the sound of something) I liked that aspect of it as I didn't have to think about what to cook etc and just followed the diet.
We both lost weight but now that I know what their menus and recipes are, I've stopped subscribing and am getting support here instead.
I think its good to start a diet with so you learn a bit about what kind of foods to eat and about portion control.

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