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I just joined weight watchers and i'm a bit confused, please help?

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LoveMyGirls · 26/01/2008 08:15

I want to do the core plan i think because counting points sounds complicated.

I went to have breakfast this morning and I had all bran it said in the book i can have 40g when i weighed it out it was such a tiny amount did i do it wrong or am i really expected to have such a tiny amount for breakfast?

Also on the core plan it says i can have 21 points per week, i'm confused!

Any hints or tips from people who have been successful?

I've got about 2 and half stone to lose.

OP posts:
katylessbumpy · 26/01/2008 08:31

yes the tiny amount is right for the points.but i think you can eat until your satisfied on the core plan.the 21 points are for treats which aren't included in the core/free foods.
keep at it ,i'm doing points and have lost 9lb in 3 weeks

LoveMyGirls · 26/01/2008 08:40

That's really good katy! I hope i can do as well as you! I've only got about 37 lbs to lose in total and i'm hoping to do it in 4-6 mths.

I think that's why i was confused because i thought i could eat as much as i liked at meal times.

Any tips on foods that are filling? I'm going food shopping today!

OP posts:
katylessbumpy · 26/01/2008 08:49

home made soup and lots of it.i tend to mix whatever veg i have in with a stock cube and garlic/herbs/tomato puree then cook and's all free.drink lots of water and if you need a sweet fix jeely tots are only 2 points a bag

come over to katybumpers nork swinging weightloss club if you want some support.we are all doing different things to lose weight but we all encourage each other

roisin · 26/01/2008 09:46

I'm doing core plan. I hardly ever weigh anything - just occasionally to have a look at what WW considers a small/medium/large portion - just for interest.

The whole point is getting into good habits of 3 healthy meals a day and very limited snacking.

I've lost 2 stone in 4.5 months. Now dh has just started after Christmas too

I like porridge for breakfast. I usually mix it with a tiny pot of baby apple puree! It's scrummy and dead easy, and very satisfying right through the morning.

I use my 21 points for wine mostly, plus chocolate!

If I've been good I have a square of 85% dark chocolate at the end of the day. It's so dark, that it isn't the sort of thing you could binge on - well I couldn't at least. But it is an acquired taste - I love it. Dh hates it.

katylessbumpy · 26/01/2008 09:51

wow 2 stone in 4 months is great well done!

LoveMyGirls · 27/01/2008 18:54

I'm still quite confused.

Have decided to have wholemeal pasta and sardines for dinner, stupid do i cook sardines?

OP posts:
katylessbumpy · 27/01/2008 20:23

lovemygirls.have you joined the ww message boards.i couldn't make head nor tail of them at first but they are great for point and core info x

Laurac2 · 29/01/2008 15:28

Hi. I'm a helper at a meeting but have to admit I dont know much about the core plan.

However you can eat as much bran as you like as long as its within that 1 meal.

If you eat it between meals then it will have to come out of your 21 points per week.

ww message boards are great for this kind of stuff. And you can always call your leader for help - thats their job!

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