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This probably sounds like a silly question but do you do exercise DVDs on laminate floors?

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MummyPenguin · 24/01/2008 10:57

I've just bought the new Davina DVD and DH saw it last night and said that he didn't want me to damage the joints on the laminate in our lounge which is where I will be doing the DVD. We've got a hardwearing laminate, it was one of the more expensive ones as it needed to withstand the kids and two large dogs.

How many of you exercise at home on laminate floors? Have you found it's okay to do so without causing damage to the flooring? I'm trying to avoid the jumping parts of the DVD although there's not too much of that anyway.

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Alambil · 24/01/2008 11:19

could you get an aerobics mat/yoga mat to take the impact?

MummyPenguin · 24/01/2008 11:23

Yes I have one somewhere, couldn't find it though. I wondered would it be slipping about though?

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