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Help I am so hungry

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thritbies · 21/01/2008 00:46

Doing WW, and sticking to my points. I have lost 9.5lb in 2 weeks, but suspect that was helped by me having the flu and being too poorly to eat much. Now I am back on it and have used all my points for the day and am so hungry I can't sleep

Anyone else doing WW and got any secret tricks?!

OP posts:
ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands · 21/01/2008 00:53

This is why I prefer Slimming World to WW (And I have done both). You never have to run out of allowance of food, because there is so much "free food" when with WW, virtually nothing is free... even fruit has points!

And weight comes off just as fast.

I get too hungry with weight watchers.

expatinscotland · 21/01/2008 00:56

Stuff yourself with some of my recipes in the recipe section under 'What would you feed a vegan for lunch'.

Step up the exercise when you get better, water, and LOTS of the vegan recipes.

thritbies · 21/01/2008 09:41

Thanks you two. Shiny perhaps I should try the core plan then? It's WW, but loads of things are free foods.

expat, I have had a look at your recipes and am ashamed to say that I don't like a lot of stuff on the list . Also am rubbish at cooking, no matter what I try it goes tits up. We'll not talk about the unmitigated disaster that was Minted Lamb Burgers last week....

OP posts:
BIWI · 21/01/2008 09:48

I thought that lots of veg/salad was free on WW? Can't you have a bit plate of salad?

annieatno4 · 21/01/2008 10:28

hi, iam on WW, and i snack on carrots and celery, in between meals.
Or if iam really starving, a big bowl of salad.
And remember to try and drink water, as sometimes we are think we are hungry but really we are thirsty. Also water will fill you up.
Hope this helps

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