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What in your lifestyle pre-kids used to keep you slim?

27 replies

dinny · 17/01/2008 20:22

A friend and I were discussing this earlier - we said the obvious things like:

regular gym-going, no kids' teas and walking around a lot to work etc

but also smoking and going out drinking and clubbing! and not being tired all the time!

OP posts:
fruitymum · 17/01/2008 20:44

hill walking, scuba diving & lugging all the gear around, ski -ing , lots of dog walking and heavy gardening and a bit of cycling .No choccy biscuits or crisps in house .

joyfulspike · 17/01/2008 20:46

regular gym visits, martial arts and plenty of sex!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 17/01/2008 21:02

Cycling 3 miles to work and back. Riding almost everyday. Energetic shagging. Probably smoking. Not being at home so much. And not b/feeding.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 17/01/2008 21:03

I used to play a lot of tennis too. And I was much younger!

dinny · 17/01/2008 21:03

think the not-being-at-home-much is the key

OP posts:
unknownrebelbang · 17/01/2008 21:04

I was never slim, but I used to swim regularly (4/5 times a week) and that helped to keep my weight in check.

JeremyVile · 17/01/2008 21:05

Sex, fun, liquid diet....basically a LIFE GODDAMIT!!!

MAMAZON · 17/01/2008 21:06

before kids i was a total wild child.

went out clubbing every night dancing till 6am.
i never really ate properly, just nibbled on bits here and there.

anything i ate was easily burned off during teh evening.

dinny · 17/01/2008 21:06

well said, JV!

does sex really burn that many calories - never realised was soo effective

OP posts:
JeremyVile · 17/01/2008 21:07

....thoughts one should keep to oneself no:327.....

LoveAngel · 17/01/2008 21:07

I was a smoker and a workaholic. Also used to go out loads after work and often missed dinner. And had time to go to the gym.

ceebee74 · 17/01/2008 21:08

Gym visits (hardcore aerobics mainly) 4 or 5 times a week and long 2-hour walks at the weekends (paths not suitable for a pushchair)!

DaphneHarvey · 17/01/2008 21:08

Smoking - definitely.

Cycling to work and back - was broke (spent an awful lot on fags and going out) so had to save on bus fares.

Not having a little taste of the kids' leftovers.

Not drinking so much wine .

Gaining 2 stone each pg and only managing to lose 1.5 stone each time.

Middle age.

handlemecarefully · 17/01/2008 21:16

Having more time to think about myself and my needs more time spend on monitoring my appearance (including my health and weight) and keeping things under control.

Used to go to the gym 5 mornings per week immediately prior to work (got to gym for 07.00 and showered and ready for work - which was just across the road - by 08.30)

Had more time to spoil and indulge myself with all manner of distractions and enjoyable indulgences...whereas now I have reward myself with something quick and not time intensive such as chocolate or wine (not shopping, a visit to the spa, a cinema trip etc)

MuffinMclay · 17/01/2008 21:22

Lots of long dog walks at a very brisk pace (1 hour min walks twice a day, often 3 times).

Lots of gardening - home and allotment (much digging).

Travelling by trains, with walks at either end of the journey rather than driving everywhere.

dinny · 18/01/2008 13:47

Hmm, took ds swimming this am and in the class was not one but THREE incredibly skinny yet worked-out women (and they were definitely all mums not nannies!)

what do you have to do to get a size 8 and toned figure?? argh, seems so unobtainable now but yet how do these women manage??

OP posts:
handlemecarefully · 18/01/2008 13:53

Well I overheard one of these women talking to her friend in the gym bar at lunch time:

Friend to super slim mum: "Aren't you having any lunch"

Super slim mum with no hint of irony: "No, I had an enormous fruit smoothie for breakfast and I am still full"

Maidamess · 18/01/2008 13:55

I was much fatter and unfit pre children than I am now. BUT I used to go clubbing a lot, and hence I could wear top shop hot pants, which I wouldn't dream of wearing now. So I was fatter, but smoother and less veiny. I paint a lovely picture, don't I?

foxinsocks · 18/01/2008 13:56

sex, swimming, dancing till 5am

I put on weight when I work and lose it when I stay at home. Has always been the way.

I also eat (badly) when I'm tired (err all the time) to keep my energy up which doesn't help!

dinny · 18/01/2008 14:18

HMC, oh dear, suspected as much! basically hardly eat?

I suppose I am still fairly slim-ish but definitely HATE my tummy in a swimsuit and these three were like WOW skinny.

would love to ask them what they actually eat!

OP posts:
dinny · 18/01/2008 14:19

Maidamess - lol!

OP posts:
lennygrrl · 18/01/2008 14:37

Message withdrawn


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2GIRLS · 23/01/2008 11:56

Coffee, fags, sex, sleep, not being home all day eating, didn't have 3 pregnancies, working and fancying the boss...(but thats another story), couldn't drive so walked everywhere, clubbing and loads of booze (funny how that much booze kept me slim)

bethoo · 23/01/2008 12:00

Running 3 miles a day with my dogs

iMum · 23/01/2008 12:01


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