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Do your pedometers keep breaking down?

3 replies

jasper · 17/11/2004 21:45

I have used a few different types but have found them to have various faults. (like not counting the steps you take or resetting themselves to zero)
Anyone have any recommendations?

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Earlybird · 17/11/2004 22:56

I had problems with the cheap pedometers I bought. I finally got one from a camping store that works very well. I paid £15 for it, and I've been happy with it.

As far as not counting the steps you take, mine does the best when I have it positioned properly - which for me is on knicker elastic much closer to navel than hipbone.

BTW - my pedometer is made by Silva.....and it says I've walked only 5498 steps today, so it must not be working properly!

MadameButterfly · 18/11/2004 14:29

I found that the clipon the Argos one kept breaking. I have now got one from boots that cost £15 which seems to work very well. You can adjustthe sensitivity on it and I have it set as low as possible.

jasper · 18/11/2004 20:44

Thanks all. The recent one I used is a Voicezone talking pedometer (about £15).
It has no sensitivity adjustment.
Worked great for first few days but now undercounts the steps by quite a bit.(up to 50%)

The free walkers crisps one is surprisingly accurate but resets to zero easily if bumped.

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