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Did Pilates flatten your stomach?

15 replies

cockle · 15/11/2004 13:46

Inspirational stories please!

OP posts:
cockle · 15/11/2004 14:50

Hmm, maybe that's my question answered ....

OP posts:
motherinferior · 15/11/2004 15:26


Notice I say 'flatTEN' not 'render babeishly pancakesque'. My glamour modelling career is still on hold. But yes, it is flatter.

cockle · 15/11/2004 15:28

hooray! Did you do classes? Or use a book/vid?

OP posts:
KateandtheGirls · 15/11/2004 15:29

The only way you're going to flatten your stomach is by losing weight.

However, I love pilates. It does give you killer abs (without them pooching out), and also works your arms and legs. I love that you can get a great workout (you really do sweat) while you're down on your mat! It's also great for posture.

But if you have excess flab around your midsection, then pilates will only work to flatten your stomach in conjunction with losing weight. That's the part I'm having trouble with!

motherinferior · 15/11/2004 15:31

Did a class. Started while pg. But I really should stress that people do not - sadly - stop me in the street to ask me how I got my fabulously tone and honed pilates bod.

cockle · 15/11/2004 15:51

KATG I'm already borderline underweight - I look horribly out of proportion with skinny legs, no breasts and a huge belly! Don't think any more weight loss is going to help ...

OP posts:
KateandtheGirls · 15/11/2004 15:52

Is it flab that's making your belly big, or muscles?

If it's muscles, then pilates probably would help you train them not to stick out.

If it's flab, then I don't know what you could do about that.

cockle · 15/11/2004 15:55

Probably partly genes, partly muscles wrecked by motherhood!

OP posts:
RnB · 15/11/2004 15:55

Message withdrawn

bakedpotato · 15/11/2004 16:03

can i go off on a tiny tangent about pilates and pregnancy? Motherinferior -- yesterday i read in the Obs (i think) that pilates is good while PG. and you took it up while PG. but i was told, by several pilates practitioners, to stop when PG because of that 'corset of steel' abdominal tightening malarky being dangerous. aaargh. who to believe?
cockle, i never saw any visible benefits but always felt v energised/high after a class. i'm sure it improved my stamina. i am a very lazy person and hate physical activity of any sort, but pilates was agreeable and i'll go back to it as soon as i can

motherinferior · 15/11/2004 16:08

I did an antenatal pilates course. I know several MNers who are v serious pilates practitioners felt that this was a bit of a misnomer, but it was a decent matwork (well, chairwork) class taught by the woman whose classes I still go to, and I do think it did a lot for my abdominals (I was back in jeans three months later, as opposed to the year after my first pg) and my pelvic floor.

Not sure how steely my corset is, though...

bakedpotato · 15/11/2004 16:15

well, can't see the harm in a class specifically aimed at PG women. think the article, which seemed to tip pilates as a good general exercise to do in pregnancy, may have been a bit reckless though.

i am so out of touch with my abdominals right now they might as well be living in aberdeen

cockle · 15/11/2004 17:41

lol BP - I know the feeling

OP posts:
honeybunny · 15/11/2004 18:36

If you have a baby bulge, saggy abdominals then it will certainly flatten. Depends if you do it right. And its no good thinking that an hours class once a week and a few home sessions will do it either. Its more about a lifestyle change. Basically it is trying to retrain you into using your deep abdominal muscles at a 30% effort level all throughout your active day, so yes that theoretically means that your waist will be circumferentially smaller and your abdomen flatter.
I'm on my 4th pg and so far so good I've always got my flat stomach back again. Yes it looks saggy when I lie on my side and relax my muscles, but its an ironing board when I'm up and about.

(Touches wood like mad, and rapidly sucks in whats left of abdos as sits here with another 2.5weeks to go before baby arrives.... offers up a quick prayer to whoevers listening that it goes back to its original state for a 4th time!)

honeybunny · 15/11/2004 18:43

And yes, as a physio with a knowledgge of Pilates and obstetrics I would thorougly recommend pilates during pg. Your baby is going to grow no matter how strong your core muscles are. And its not going to harm your baby. Think of your 30%abdo effort as a hug for you baby rather than a vice. Even sit ups are ok in early pg if you are fit to begin with but once your abdominal muscles start to split at around 15-20 weeks, you will find it increasingly difficult and your back will complain. Exs in moderation is good in pg but tailor it to your fitness levels pre-pg, ie dont start training for a marathon if you've never run in your life, but power walk, swim, low impact aerobic exs in a gym are all fine.

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