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No Carbs???

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Jambuttie · 02/12/2007 11:34

My SIL does a no carbs diet every so often and seems to loose a lot of weight.

If I wanted to do this which I probably will- Without sounding dim does that mean I just cut out potatoes, pasta and bread????

Is there anything else I cut out?

Was thinking if I had like weetabix in the morn would that be ok then like homemade soup for lunch dinner, chicken and salad later

I'm so not sure on this 1

OP posts:
fedda · 02/12/2007 21:52

It depends what you call carbs. Joanna Hall in her book nocarbs after 5PM calls carbs pasta, potaoes, bread,cereal and rice. I think rice is cereal. Some people would avoid all carbs and weetabix would be a no no. The problem is not to loose weight as you can loose weight on many diets including kit kat which some people use! The difficulty is to stay slim and not to put on all the weight you've lost. if you just need a quick fix no carbs helped many people who avoided all carbs you can imagine. personally I couldn't follow it but it helped me to have vegetable soups 2 times a day with some veg salads. My soups were made wihout any stock or meat, just veg in water with herbs and spices flavoured with can chopped tomatoes. my salads had simple dressing with general squise of lemon and 1 spoon of olive oil or simply without any dressing. I use cucumber, tomato, avocado, grapes, red or yellow pepper, green onions, red onions, some nuts - anything I funcy. Beetroot is very good for slimming but i think it's carbs. I think people write that not carbs are the same and sugar, bread, potatoes, white rice and white pasta are the things to limit or avoid. Anyway, I'm not an expert, I'm learning myself. Also since I started to drink pure water or water with a squise of lemon with my meals instead of juices I lost some weigt. The problem is that my weight has started to creep up again.

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