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let's get real - wine and dieting question

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LifesTooShort · 30/10/2007 22:02

ok. I am too fat. I must lose weight. I can stop drinking if I have to, but would rather still have a couple of bevvies with the girls 3 times a week. Forget theh olier than thou stuff - has anyone found a way to lose weight and still enjoy the odd tipple?

OP posts:
stressteddy · 30/10/2007 22:07

I stopped drinking and didn't lose any weight. i then went back on it and the weight dropped off. I have a very active ds and am very "run aroundey"!! I can literally feel the weight dropping off each day.
when he is 3, I am going to hire him out for a week at a time to people who want to lose a few pounds!!
Seriously, I have some very odd ideas about losing weight. NONE of them are healthy or prob good for you in the long term but I can guarantee they do work

BitTiredNow · 30/10/2007 22:07

oooh - spill!!!!

stressteddy · 30/10/2007 22:19

Ok, you need to do many of these things all at the same time. If done separately, they won't work!!

Drink lots of water

Really limit your food variety. I mean eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner for days, weeks if you have to. eg weetabix for b fast, tuna (no mayo) sandwich for lunch and salad for dinner. I would eat this combo for about 3 weeks

Literally RUN around your house. run upstairs, grab washing, run downstairs, put it by washing machine, run upstairs, clean bathroom, run downstairs, put washing on, run upstairs, make bedsm run downstairs, drink glass of water, run upstairs, get the idea. Do not rest at all until a certain time of day. My time would be about 6.00pm

Another way is to eat the same thing all day but in very small quantities. I used to eat a swiss roll all day ( a little bit at a time) That's it until dinner and then have a proper dinner. the weight dropped off

I realise all of this is very unconventional, but it does work.
Also, I should add that I don't do this all of the time and think I would feel terrible if I did. I have a healthy, balanced approach normally and I think that doing this mad stuff occasionally doesn't do me that much harm

CadaverousCorpulentCarmenere · 30/10/2007 22:25

Do WW, I am doing it and have lost 20 lbs over the last 6 months BUT I have drunk wine consistantly throughout. I just make sure that I eat low point food and have a walk to earn the points to drink.

OrmIrian · 31/10/2007 12:04

I've never found wine a problem if it's in reasonably moderate amts and you drink plenty of water and otherwise watch what and how much you eat. Mind you I swear by low-carb to lose weight so many people think I'm a dangerous lunatic to start with

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