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Diet Ditching

betsydda · 30/09/2020 10:14

My days used to be full of hating myself for what I ate. I was constantly hungry and craving all kinds of 'bad' foods so I thought of myself as 'bad' with awful willpower.

I got depressed and lost self-confidence. I'd wake-up to start a new day and already feel like a loser.

Then, 4 years ago, I diet ditched and it changed my life. I felt so powerful because I was saying no to diets and taking this amazing action to make my days, my years, heck my whole life more positive.

Instead of focussing on diets and labeling myself as 'bad', I began to focus on feeling good with feel-good foods and...

I looked at the rest of my life and realized I'd been so unhappy about tons of things like friendships, work and a lack of fun stuff. Once I began adding more things that I loved to my life and put eating on a feel-good auto-pilot I came out of that depressing 'I'm always bad' state to an 'I can do anything' positive attitude.

Ironically, that's when I lost the 40 pounds I'd been trying to lose forever.

I'd been focussing on all the wrong things. How about you?

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