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Changing eating habits to improve health

winterisstillcoming · 04/09/2020 20:39

Hi all, so I've had some routine bloods done and my cholesterol is borderline. I'm 42. I'm so disappointed in myself and I know it's my own doing. I've got to go back to the doctor in 3 months, presumably to re test for an improvement.

Previously I've dieted to lose weight but now I want to change my eating habits for a better quality of life long term. I'm slightly overweight by a few pounds and I'm really not bothered how I look so if I lose weight as a side thing then so be it but I really want to improve my diet. My body deserves to be treated well and I need to start maintaining it as I would anything else in life. My plan is to start eating delicious nutritious food with an aim to reducing trans fats and processed sugar. I'm currently eating takeaways, cheese boards , giant packs of crisps, baking at least once a week, I've discovered Uber eats. It's unsustainable long term.

I've cut down on junk this week and really happy. The aim is to do this one step at a time and would love to share the journey and share tips and tricks to avoid health issues in the future.
Who's with me??

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