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Losing weight when you have PTSD and depression

Sammysees · 03/09/2020 19:47

After a traumatic experience two years ago I have steadily put on weight. 6 stone in 2 years. I’m struggling to get any motivation to actually do anything about it. I want to. I need to. But I don’t know where to start. I feel awful physically and emotionally. I have no energy and by the time I get home from work I just want to sleep. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t cooked a meal in 2 years. I live on take away and chocolate. Do any of you wise people have any tips to help me? Thank you.

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Dashel · 04/09/2020 10:41

Have you thought about some form of therapy? To work your way through your issues and start to feel more positive in yourself.

It sounds like you need to start looking after yourself in all sorts of ways starting with a kindness makeover and asking yourself what you need and what would make you a bit happier.

By this I don’t mean unobtainable goals like a million pounds but it might be a clean house or a home cooked meal and use the money saved from takeaways on therapy or something nice for you.

Have you heard about slow cookers? They are perfect for chucking the items in first thing in the morning and coming back to after work?

Batch cooking might help so cooking a four portion curry and freezing three portions and meal planning so you know what you are cooking when you get in.

Eating healthier foods will help to make you feel better, but pick quick and easy recipes to start with and progress from there. Most egg dishes are quite quick so maybe try an omelette with salad or a stir fry kit with meat or tofu.

Get your shopping delivered online or maybe even try one of the services that deliver meal kits to your house for you to cook. Leftovers are always nice for lunch the next day.

I hope you feel better soon x

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