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Pregnant and 'dieting'

TH22 · 18/08/2020 15:05

Hi all,

I am nearly 9 weeks pregnant. One of the lucky ones with no nausea or sickness.

However, I am approx 3 stone overweight as it is and the thought of getting any larger throughout this scares me stiff. Mainly because of my (and baby's) health, but equally because I don't want to turn into the size of a house.

Is anyone in the same position and want to join me on this journey?

I'd like to clearly state, by diet I don't mean extreme calorie restriction or crash diet in any more. I mean, cut out the crap and adopt a more healthier lifestyle! My meals are healthy, however, my sugar addiction so powerful. Chocolate and biscuits are my absolute downfall, I could go through a pack of biscuits at a time easily. It's disgraceful and I have no stop button. It's this behaviour I would like to stop.

Anyway, if anyone is (or has been!) in the same position, then would love some support and words of encouragement!

Thankfully I have a very supportive husband (naturally slim FYI and will power of steal to boot) so I know he would love for me to address this!

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