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Slim for Christmas...? Maybe

Arlosmummy · 02/07/2020 16:32

So my little boy is now 5 months old. I have the energy of a snail that's been stood on and crushed. I'm not entirely sure whether that's something to do with longer cycles, they have not yet regulated. Literally, it's hard to keep my eyes open. I've had blood tests etc and all fine.

I'm currently 11 Stone 4-5. My pre baby weight was 9 Stone 7. As you can imagine the two extra stone I am carrying around is driving me slightly barmy.

Did anyone else feel so terrible at 5 months PP? And if so, when did you get your drive and motivation back? Was it upon going back to work and having a routine.

My goal, strange as it may be, is to be in a nice pair of pyjamas for Christmas. Winter is my fav time.


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