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Anyone done weight watchers at home?

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clutteredup · 14/09/2007 11:59

I really need to do something about my weight butcan't get to weight watchers meetings without paying a babysitter which just makes it too expensive. i sort of thought i might be able to have a go on my own but i was wondering if anyone had and how you find out how many points everything has. TIA

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debbiewebweb · 14/09/2007 12:21

Hi, I successfully took up weight watchers switch myself at home. I couldn't ( or wouldn't) go to ww meetings but I knew a few mums who did go and had lost loads of weight. So I went on e-bay and bought the weight watchers stuuf - the 'handbook' (which gives you all the motivational chat, points values for main foods and works out how many points you're allowed), the 'eating out guide' which is great as it gives you all the points values for sandwiches and alcohol as well as take-aways and restaurant meals and the 'points calculator' which is your bible as it works out all the points in the food you buy.
I managed to lose 3 stone over 6 months and 12 months later have gained just a couple of pounds. The most important thing is to keep a true and accurate log of everything you eat every day and their points value.

debbiewebweb · 14/09/2007 12:25

sorry - I should add the reason I've gained a few pounds is that I haven't been recording my daily eating/points since xmas. So I'm sure my points go over every day but as I learnt so much about the saturated fat value of many foods, I just find that although I don't eat particularly healthy now I do 'switch' to lower points foods automatically. Go for it - Good luck

clutteredup · 14/09/2007 21:03

Thanks debbie, I'll give it a go. WW seems to be the one which actually works and i need something, i've put on weight since having dd2

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debbiewebweb · 14/09/2007 21:33

Have noticed another post on here giving away a points calculator for free, grab it and go for it. I never managed to loose all the pregnancy weight I put on with dd1 so was heavier to start off with dd2 and still put on loads so decided I had to do something.... and I'm glad I did .

clutteredup · 14/09/2007 21:33

thanks debbie where !!!!!

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clutteredup · 14/09/2007 21:34

think i found it but it looks like its gone i'll keep an eye out, thanks for the tip

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scienceteacher · 16/09/2007 15:35

I've been doing WW online for 4 weeks now. I've managed to lose 10lbs already, and I am finding it quite easy. This is the first time I have ever been on a diet, and I am surprised that I have been able to stick to it.

I know about nutrition (comes with the territory as a science teacher), but this meant nothing until looking at the points value of specific foods. I am now finding it really easy to avoid silly things like biscuits, that carry huge amounts of points.

What I find hard is not being able to eat out, or having to break the rules when eating out. We were away last weekend at fully-catered houseparty, and I had no choice but to eat what was given to me. What I find effective is to have a list of good low-points and filling foods, so that I instinctively know what is OK to eat.

WW gave me a target of 24lbs to lose, but I'd like to go a bit further. I reckon that I am 30% of the way towards my own target, so looking at a new me in the New Year

clutteredup · 18/09/2007 20:31

Thanks science teacher, it sounds great. WW definately seems to be effective, noe I've just got to bite the bullet and go fo rthe self control thing.
BTW well done you

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