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Body Coach - veggie version

pfrench · 19/02/2020 19:58

I followed Joe Wickes plan 3 years ago (after the 8 week BSD) to make sure I was eating enough to train properly. It was great, I felt really good on it, and steadily lost weight.

I want to lose more now, but am almost vegetarian now. I have bought the books because I was interested in how things would work. It used to be about eating carbs in meals after exercise, but low carb otherwise. I wanted to know where things like chick peas and lentils fit with being a post workout meal, or a low carb meal. Same as his meat eating version does.

But it doesn't have the same plan... it's just about eating 3 of the meals while following the training plan. I get that a halloumi meal would be a low carb one for example, but not sure about others. I can't see how it would work in the same way, and I need to eat low carb because menopausal weight gain issues going on.

Anyone tried the veggie version? Anyone tried the veggie version having done the meat eating version? Opinions?

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