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how about lots of water and three square meals a day diet and 20 min exercise each day too??

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Dunnyjo · 30/08/2007 15:55

Cut down on portions

Drink water when hungry when its a no no time to eat

Still have your tea,coffee but depending on how much you drink, make cut backs

Have your chocolate daily, the mini size's

Exercise for 20 min, make it a walk to the shop every day or dance to fav music or dvd, even clean your bathroom out like mad, get on hands and knees andscrub kitchen floor as long as you work hard!

once a week a treat with some wine

I dont know, trying to make it straight forward as possible because i cant stand thinking about what i can and cant eat!

Anyone wanna join?

OP posts:
HorseyWoman · 30/08/2007 16:35

Dunny, read my post on the 'my 9 year old daughter...' thread. There's no need to deny yourself too much. Like you say, cutting portions down, but really, eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full is the only way to do it. Trying to drink water first is a good way of distinguishing thirst from hunger, but if you are hungry then your body needs food so don't mask it with water - eat and then stop when you are satisfied.

Activity really really really is the key. The weight dropped off me on holiday and I ate loads. The difference was that I didn't snack, I had set meals that I ate at a time I felt I needed them and I stopped when I felt I was full. After 15 minutes, if I felt like a pudding I had one! I ate loads for my meals on holiday but I ate lots of fruit, veg and drank lots of water, and I was active almost every minute of the day - swimming and walking.

SilentTerror · 30/08/2007 18:01

I'm in!
Have lost 4lb in last 10 days doing this,and don't feel deprived at all.
Need to loose about half a stone to a stone really,mainly from hips and tummy.
Have been having
Porridge with skimmed milk and fruit
Special k sustain with more fruit
'normal ' meal for dinner,eg pasta,fish,chicken etc plus salad
More fruit
Small glass wine and kit kat at night.
Have been drinking 2 litres of water and doing 20 mins on the exercise bike plus good walk every day.
Don't feel deprived at all.

Dunnyjo · 07/09/2007 13:58

wow i been so busy not had a chance to get on here!

Horsey woman i will take a look thnkyou

Well done silent torror! keep it going!
I have not done any of what i had on my list (life took over! had no control over anything) so i will go for it. Had a bowl of ceral for breakfast, nothing till lunch time so i am going to go see what i can whisk together and make it enjoyable!

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