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Fitness DVD recommendations

24 replies

sweetheart · 21/08/2007 12:29

I am going to the shops in a min and want to buy a fitness DVD. I want one that will increase my fitness and tone me up. Also not fussed on ones were celebs ponce around (unless there is a really good one).

Any ideas?

OP posts:
sweetheart · 21/08/2007 12:40

bump - please, any ideas. I'm off out in a couple of mins

OP posts:
speedymama · 21/08/2007 12:41

Sweetheart, check out the exercise DVD recommendation thread.

I would recommend Taebo (Everybody Get Ripped is my favourite) or Ultimate Challenge by Nell McAndrew. Nell's DVD is excellent for cardio - the cardio bit takes 40 minutes but it has 5 points where you can bail out. That is then followed by 30 minute of toning.

speedymama · 21/08/2007 12:42

If those are not available, you can by the boxset of Davina's MaCall and even though she is irritating sometimes, they are very good for toning and medium level cardio.

speedymama · 21/08/2007 12:42

buy the boxset

laloop · 21/08/2007 12:44

Hi sweetheart and speedy

Was just coming on to recommend Davina and Tae Bo but Speedy beat me to it!

speedymama · 21/08/2007 12:59

Hi Laloop!

laloop · 21/08/2007 13:04

Have been very lazy on the exercise front recently, Speedy, but hoping to get right back into it when school restarts next week - can't wait

Sweetheart, are you coming back to join us on the Exercise Buddies thread, go on, go on, go on!!!

sweetheart · 21/08/2007 14:37

well no joy, nothing in any of the shops in town. I'll ave to try somewhere bigger.

Hi Laloop - I should come back really I'm having trouble motivating myself!

I have been going to the gym but it's been a chore and my cross trainer at home has lots of dust on it

I am trying not to eat to combat the weight gain!

OP posts:
sweetheart · 21/08/2007 14:38

sorry, I'll have to try somewhere bigger!

God that typo made me sounds awful!!!

OP posts:
laloop · 21/08/2007 14:49

Sweetheart, look on Amazon - they have loads of DVDs. Here's the DVD thread that speedy was talking about. I ordered some of the ones they recommended (TaeBo, Nell etc) and wasn't disappointed. I'm back at WW again after a summer of eating and drinking how I pleased. Lost 2.5 lbs the first week, have second weigh-in tomorrow.

sweetheart · 21/08/2007 15:14

I have been trying to follow ww again! I haven't gona back to any meeting but was toying with the idea last week.

I have lost most of my holiday weight and feel fairly comfortable. Ideally I'd like to loose a few more Ibs and in a perfect world I'd shed 9Ib's easily and become my ideal weight but that is a goal that seems unreachable at the moment!

How are you doing weight wise? I remember we were just about level pegging before.

I'll try Amazon - I really wanted one to do tonight as dh is out! It's the neighbours birthday so there will be wine and cake on offer - I was going to try and resist and then do a DVD but I guess fate is telling me to just have the wine and cake

OP posts:
laloop · 21/08/2007 15:28

I'm over the 10st mark now unfortunately. But I did enjoy myself, eating out and drinking wine whenever I got the chance . But hoping to shift at least half a stone (would love to shift a stone but like you I feel I have to remain realistic!). There's a new WW thread started about a week ago, I'm posting on that to keep me motivated between classes.

laloop · 21/08/2007 15:30

Meant to say that if you can't get hold of DVD today, could you do your own 20 minute workout of running on the spot, jumping jacks etc. Just a thought, so that you can have the wine and cake guilt-free
Enjoy the party!

speedymama · 21/08/2007 15:38

DH and I have been doing that in the evenings after putting the twins to bed and before we have dinner.

We start with press ups (20, 15, 15 so 50 in total) followed by 3 sets of crunches. We then we use weights and do things like squats, shoulder press, bicep curls etc. We only do 20 minutes but we both feel stronger and we motivate each other.

sweetheart · 21/08/2007 16:35

oh blimey - don't think I'd do it with dh! We are far too competative, I think things would end in tears!

Maybe I should join the ww thread! I'm the same Laloop - I have enjoyed my break and although I can notice a difference I'm not entirly unhappy. I am just over the 10 stone mark and am def happier under it but I'm not half killing myself to get there.

As from Sept I will be playing netball more as I am in a league team so will have matches as well as practice. I'm hoping that this alone will help me shift a few pounds.

The birthday is for kiddies so I may see if I can arrange some loud music and manic dancing - I love dancing with my dd and it really puffs me out, it's my most fun way to excercise

OP posts:
speedymama · 21/08/2007 17:17

Sweetheart if you love to dance, get the Pump it Up DVD as this is brilliant for cardio and toning as well as good fun.

The Urban workout is great too but focuses more on cardio and the moves are more complex so if you don't pick up moves easily and are not prepared to perservere, probably best to avoid.

flumpybumpy · 21/08/2007 17:19

Davina is great. I have lost almost 2 and half stone since having DS last September. I am doind her workouts three times a week.

Piffle · 21/08/2007 17:20

the charlie brookes one is excellent
5 x 10 mins sessions, you cna do as many or as little as tiem allows
It has kicked my body fat along with using a kettlebell on alternative days by 4% and I'm not overweight - just WAYYYY out of shape

FoghornLeghorn · 22/08/2007 07:41

Ok ladies - you have sucked me in after reading the review thread. I'm going to order a Tae Bo DVD now.
Had gym membership but had to cancel when we moved. I was going to order Nell's DVD but only got DH's weights and he hasn't got any light enough for me

FoghornLeghorn · 22/08/2007 07:43

Wow ! Can get the box set on for £11.99 - includes Tae-Bo - Abs And Glutes, Tae-Bo Active, Get Ripped and TaeBo Energise.

I'll order that one I think

speedymama · 22/08/2007 10:49

That is a bargain Foghornleghorn! You won't regret it!

FoghornLeghorn · 09/09/2007 16:12

OK - back from hols - know I have put on at least 5lbs while away and probably more (will find out at WW weigh in tomorrow).
Am starting my DVD's tomorrow - going to aim to do one a day ..... which one shall I start with - Tae-Bo - Abs And Glutes, Tae-Bo Active, Get Ripped or TaeBo Energise?

I'm pretty out of shape (well very) but have quite good stamina so can keep going for a while and am very determined


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FoghornLeghorn · 11/09/2007 09:26

Anyone - DD is starting nursery this afternoon so it means I'll actually have 2.5 hours to myself every day to do it

laloop · 11/09/2007 09:32

FoghornLeghorn, why not come over and join us on the Exercise Buddie thread? There are a few Tae Bo devotees there who should be able to advise which one to start with.

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