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OurPath Questions

marooncat · 26/08/2019 09:34

I see from Google that quite a few people on here have done OurPath so I am hoping that someone might be able to answer some questions I have as the info on the website is poor.

I know that with any diet what works for one person might not work for another but I am hoping OurPath will give me a kick start. :-)

My initial questions

  1. What is the step tracker that comes with the Tech Package, I currently have a Fitbit Alta HR but the screen is really badly damaged so I am thinking it needs replaced. Is it a good quality tracker and can you see any notifications on it (my Fitbit vibrates when I get a text message)

  2. Is the recipe book a guide, and you can cook what you want using the food guidelines, or do you need to follow it fully.

  3. What are the lunch options, I work full time and more often than not eat my lunch at my desk so are there a few options of something easy to eat cold

  4. What happens if you go away on holiday during the 12 weeks (and I will not be trying to follow the plan fully when in Russia). Do you just miss out of those weeks of support or will it carry forward?

  5. Anything else you wish you had known (good or bad) before you signed up
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