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Abdomen numbness 21 yrs after C-section

PinkP65 · 25/08/2019 01:44

Yes, you read the title correctly. I had an emergency C-section 21 years ago with my daughter. From the belly-button down to the incision, I am still numb.
Also, lower vertebrae pain from the injection point of the epidural is an on-going issue needing cortisone injections via live x-ray.

The first thing I could feel after the C-section as the epidural began to wear off was the injection point; the other, my left ovary. They felt like two excruciating spiky balls of red pain in my body, and I couldn't feel my legs yet, let alone even sit up.

They blamed me for the injection pain, as I could not lay still during labor. (whaaaaaat?) Yup. Duh. They hadn't given me anything to stop the contractions... ever. I just got numb from the epidural, which I assume stopped contraction pain, but the rest is a blur; I was in the middle of a still-birth we had to avoid (and did), and everybody was frantically trying to get my little one out asap.

When they put my organs back in after my little one was taken for emergency treatment, my left Fallopian tube was laid in a kink... and caused immediate ovarian pain, for which I needed laparoscopic surgery to drain the bleeding area around it, but the kink was left in place (gee thanks guys), which also caused 2 ectopic pregnancies later on.


21 years down the line, my tummy issue, sheeeeesh...

Even after losing weight, I have this abhorring drag-sag abdomin, and it is numb. Trying to work out the muscles is a joke because they are numb, atrophying, and causing undue stress on the most inner layer of muscles there. 3 years ago, I tried to get into my little truck with a tight denim skirt on. I sat down on the seat, and grabbed the wheel with both hands so that I could lift both knees/legs together and bring them in before closing the door. Which, I did, but what followed was excruciating pain deep in my abdomen. The doctor told me my outer muscles have atrophied, and the innermost layer inside had been pulled as a result of the outer ones not working for me anymore.

Has anyone had this problem? I am now nearly 54 in a couple weeks. I am so over this heep.


Obviously, the most important thing was my daughter's health and safety in the delivery.

That does not, however, give the "OK" to mash me about in the process.

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