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Alternate Day Dieting - anybody with me?

OrangeGroveIsland · 04/08/2019 20:29

Just a short introductions. Its the only diet thats ever worked for me. But now I'm older (late 50s), I have to do it with a little more awareness on the "off" days.

My general plan is :

Down days : around 600 cals
Up days: 1000 - 1500 calories.

(I know this sounds om the low side but my age and sedentary life style because of health issues mean I don't need to eat very much).

I'm doing this until the end of 2019 to begin with, and hope I will have some good results. Once I reach a comfortable target, I will then have to think of some kind of maintenance plan.

I'll pop in once a week to report how things are going, and say what I ate that day (whether an up day, or a down day).

Hopefully others will join me, but I'll keep going anyway and see what happens Smile.

Today (DD) I had :-

Lunch - dover sole and salad (300 cals), 1 kiwi fruit (50 cals)
Dinner - prawns, lemon and pepper and salad (200 cals)

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